My Scary Few Days

This is turning out to be a rough and scary few days. Disaster after disaster…the death scares have not stopped…and I am ready for it to stop NOW. In the last few days my 2 year old son has almost drowned in our pool TWICE….and I almost blew myself up with our BBQ grill. I’m just waiting for the bad luck to run out and the good luck to start. Or as some would put it…I am waiting for God to stop testing me. I get it. We are here and alive and I am thankful for every day my family and I are alive. No more tests please.


The bad mojo started about 5 days ago. We were sitting at the pool…by the stairs…playing in the water. Well let me re-phrase…my son was jumping in and out of the water as my hubby and I just had our feet in it. The water is too cold for us….but you know how kids are…it could be 40 degrees and they would still be playing in it. Well we were talking and he was jumping. I would hear a splash right next to me…look over and know he was fine…and look back to the hubby to keep talking. Well…the splashing stopped. I looked over and he fell off the stairs into the actual pool. He was waving his arms underwater. It was the scariest image I had ever seen. My baby boy drowning! Of course I reached over and pulled him right out….but the image will forever be etched in my brain.

Then two nights ago…my husband asked me to turn on the grill since he was making a rack of ribs. Usually turning on the grill is something that scares me because I have heard stories of them blowing up. Well I got to experience it myself. I turned on the gas and then I turned the nobs to let the gas into the actual grill. Right after that…I looked down and noticed that my son had removed the igniter button from the grill. So I had to search for it. I finally found it but it was missing the battery…so I had to go find that too. In the meantime….I FORGOT that I turned on the gas in the grill. Blame the memory lapse on pregnancy or just being a little ditzy…but I forgot. I finally get the igniter button together and I go to screw it into the grill and BOOM!!!!!!!! Flames everywhere!!  The flames jumped out at my stomach and chest. And as my friends have been saying…at least I still have my eyebrows. I screamed…my hubby ran outside to make sure I was ok….and once he noticed I was ok….he laughed a little. I am going to blame the laughter on his anxiety coming out that I almost blew myself up. At least that is what I am telling myself…so I don’t get mad at him for laughing. Then once it hit me that I almost blew up…I started crying. Then my hubby kissed me and told me I was ok. And all I kept thinking was THANK GOD I asked my son to step away from the grill before I lit it.

Then to top off my bad luck…..we had another incident yesterday. My hubby and I were raking up leaves around the pool…getting it ready for summer time and little D was just standing around watching us as usual. Well Dawon started the leaf blower and I think the loud sound must have scared Little D because I looked down at my pile of leaves and I looked up and he was gone. I glanced at the pool and there he was. All of a sudden he was under water IN THE DEEP END! His arms and legs were moving around but I couldn’t see his face.  All of this happened literally in a split second. In my mind it is moving in slow motion but in reality it was quick! I didn’t hear him fall in. (probably because of the leaf blower) But one second he was there and the next he was under water. I dropped everything and I dove towards the pool. He was closer to dad but because dad was using the leaf blower he didn’t notice something was wrong until he saw me flying by him. I was only a few feet away but it felt like a mile. And in that short second that I dove I had to stop myself from doing a belly dive onto the side of the pool. He was close to the edge so I didn’t have to dive into the pool but I also remembered – DON’T LAND ON YOUR BELLY…YOU HAVE A BABY IN THERE!!!! Then it was like a cat came out of me and my hands and knees automatically blocked my fall.  I reached into the water and I pulled my boy out. And again….that image of his face under water…terrified…will be etched in my memory forever. His eyes were so big and panicked…a frightening image.

All I know is that once his custom ear plugs get here…we are starting the swimming lessons again. We have done swimming lessons every summer since he was 6 months but I think the lag of months between made him forget a little of how to actually swim. So we will be picking it up again hopefully next week.

I just hope that my horrible few days is over.  I’m not sure I can take anymore drama!


6 comments on “My Scary Few Days

    • Thanks Matt! Yeah we have Swim Kids right down the street and they are indoor too. We just didnt like that they wanted a contract but I think we are going to do it anyways. Especially after this week!

  1. Wow I’m sorry you’ve had a rough couple of days with some intense scares! I’m glad everything is okay now!

  2. Hey would you mind sharing which blog platform you’re using? I’m planning to start my own blog soon but I’m having a hard time deciding between BlogEngine/Wordpress/B2evolution and Drupal. The reason I ask is because your design and style seems different then most blogs and I’m looking for something completely unique. P.S Sorry for being off-topic but I had to ask!

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