Pregnancy # 1

I have to admit…I actually liked being pregnant. Honestly….it could go either way. I know women that hated it and women that loved it. I missed it once it was done. There were some ups and some downs to the pregnancy but for the most part…I loved it.


  • I only gained 30 pounds
  • I worked out the whole pregnancy
  • My stomach was small. (I didn’t get big until the last couple months)
  • I wore my regular clothes until the last couple months.
  • No morning sickness. I only got sick 2x throughout the whole pregnancy.
  • Singing Adele to my stomach
  • Being addicted to Easy Listening music
  • Feeling my baby kick
  • Seeing my baby on the ultrasound(s)
  • So many of my great friends came together and got me everything I needed
  • 4 baby showers…WOW!  My friends and family are awesome!
  • Went to Jamaica – and relaxed in the pool


  • Surgery while I was pregnant…SCARY!!!!
  • Went to Jamaica right after my surgery and my stiches opened up…IN JAMAICA!!! Scary!
  • The last couple of months I started to get moody…I was done!
  • My body went into shock during labor so I needed the epidural. I tried to go without it.
  • My doctor was the “cut king”…which I didn’t find out until we were already at the hospital.
  • My episiotomy was a top to bottom. Severe. Not sure if I needed it or he was being the “cut king”. I learned my lesson!!!  Always ask what your OB’s views are on episiotomy before you settle in. My husband took a picture of it happening…. And it looked like I had part in a slasher movie. TERRIBLE!


For me…the PROS totally out way the CONS. The CONS were still pretty significant problems that occurred. My surgery was pretty scary. Not only was it my first surgery…EVER….but it was while I was pregnant. So I have to worry if my baby will make it. Worry if I will make it.  Worry about complications. And it didn’t help that my OB sent me to an Oncologist because they weren’t sure if it was cancer. So the oncologist did the surgery and because they wanted to do an exploratory surgery I wasn’t able to get the nice-and-neat laproscopic surgery. NOOOOOO…..I got a huge cut down the middle of the stomach from my belly button to my pubic bone.  Talk about scary!   I was a mess. But I had my husband, my husband’s family and my friends there to help me through it.  Needless too say…the surgery went well. No more cyst. No more ovary and tube. And no more pain.

And the geniuses that we are….my husband and I decided to go to Jamaica right after the surgery. Which would have been ok….if I didn’t get in the pool. I didn’t know that the hotel put so many chemicals in the pool water (to kill the bacteria)…that my stitches and sugery site would take a toll. The chemicals ate away at the stich glue and my surgery site opened up… was gross!!!!!! I went to the nurse at the hotel and she was going to call the doctor to give me actual stiches…but I was scared to have stiches done in another country…so I declined. I decided I will be on bed rest the rest of the trip and I will LITERALLY hold my stomach together with Band-Aid’s and my hands. CRAZY I KNOW! But it worked. I got home…and my doctor said it was too late to stitch it up now…it will just have to heal the way it is…..which looks like a huge GASH in my stomach. And that GASH… got bigger because there was a baby growing in there! But I had to look at the bright side. No natter the things that happened while I was pregnant or the choices that I have made…..I have a wonderful healthy baby boy, a husband who loves me no matter what my stomach looks like and after my last kid is born…there is always cosmetic surgery. (cheeky smile and a wink)


2 comments on “Pregnancy # 1

  1. I’ve had multiple surgeries so my stomach already looks like a connect the dots with one long scar at the bottom. LOL my OB said she will at all cost avoid cutting me open because she does not want to see what my stomach looks like on the inside.

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