Pregnancy # 2

I like being pregnant but my body doesn’t. I had some issues again with this pregnancy. And even though it was a little rough…I loved it. It brought me my little girl.



  • I only gained 30 pounds
  • Singing John Legend “All of Me” to my stomach
  • Feeling my baby kick
  • Seeing my baby on the ultrasound(s)
  • I am getting the girl I always wanted


  • That 30 pounds I gained was in addition to the 20 left over from my son.
  • My stomach immediately remembered what it was like to be pregnant because at 8 weeks along my stomach stuck out as if I were 24 weeks.
  • I didn’t work out as much as I did with my son.
  • My wardrobe was maternity wear through the WHOLE pregnancy.
  • My daughter hated my wearing anything that touched my stomach. No pants. No shorts.
  • I had morning sickness a lot. And it wasn’t only in the morning. I was nauseous all the time. My OB even gave me nausea meds.
  • I had ovarian cysts and one ruptured while I was pregnant. Talk about painful!!!
  • I had Velamentous Cord Insertion which means the umbilical cord was not in the prime position on the placenta. So a wrong move could make separate. The good thing was my placenta was toward my back so it lowered my risk a little.
  • I was VERY moody in this pregnancy (I blame the extra estrogen).
  • I had a herniated disc from being pregnant with my son…and that started to hurt BAD towards the end of the pregnancy. The bigger she got – the more it hurt.
  • I was in a car accident at 30 weeks and went into preterm labor. And a quote from another one of my blogs “Everything hurts. Everything causes contractions. I cant walk longer than 15 minutes, I cant sit too long, I cant have sex, I cant bend over, I cant pick up my boy.”

Even though my list of PROS for my son moved down to the CONS for my daughter…it was totally worth it. The scariest part for me was the car accident. I thought I was going to deliver my daughter early, which no one ever wants to do. At the time of the accident I had so much adrenaline that I didn’t know I was hurt. It took about an hour after the accident to realize that I was not in a good place. My husband came to pick me up and we were on our way to the store and all of a sudden I felt sharp pains in my stomach. Then all of a sudden they were hitting me more often. It was every 15 minutes or so. So we drove straight to the hospital. They put me on a machine and gave me some meds to slow down the contractions. It was basically a wait and watch situation. I was there for hours and it stayed the same. They eventually gave me some more meds and said that I can wait it out at home. So needle to say, I was on light bedrest for the next 8 weeks.

I may have had preterm labor and more ovarian cysts that needed to be removed but I got my little girl. I wanted a little girl my whole life. I knew her name before she was conceived. I knew her name when I was 17. I had her and she was beautiful. She was a dream come true.