No….I Do It!!

Well my son has finally hit the annoying “No…I do it!” stage. At first it was cute. It was his way of learning new things. Expanding his knowledge in what grown-ups do. But then it didn’t stop. He literally says it about everything. And when we say…”No you cant do this. Only big people can do this. You are too little”…..a tantrum erupts.

I love terrible 2’s….I love terrible 2’s. (sorry I had to get that out of the way)

Well our toddler has successfully learned how to use a microwave….season food….help dad cook at the stove (yes I said cook on the stove…no lectures please)….feed the dogs…dress himself….change the channel on the TV….and much much more. And as I write this…I think…what am I here for again. The boy can do everything. But then I am back to reality when he is standing on a chair at the sink trying to do dishes without me….holding glass in the air with slippery fingers or in the bathroom using one of our toothbrushes to clean the walls.

Little D: “Im cleaning mommy!” He says with a huge smile on his face.

Me: And even though I am disgusted that I just saw my toothbrush rubbed up against a wall…..I calmly respond….“Yes you are baby…but toothbrushes are for cleaning teeth not walls.”

Little D: “but why?”

Me: “Because that’s why they were made. You have to use a washcloth or a sponge to clean the walls.”

Little D: “But why?”  As he says this I am praying that he doesn’t put it together that a washcloth also cleans his body…because that would be another series of “why” questions.

And the conversation goes on for about 5 more “why?” questions. And I am now sanitizing my toothbrush and I am hoping that by the end of the “why” conversation he remembers the point about not using our toothbrushes to clean the walls.

I love terrible 2’s….I love terrible 2’s.

I do have to say…I love that my son is inquisitive. I love that he wants to learn new things. But I also have to admit that I am running out of “why” answers.

Our most recent trick….is when he has asked his 5th “why” and we dont have an answer…then we tell him, “I dont know. You tell me.” And he responds by repeating everything he just heard.

It worked!!! It worked!!!


2 comments on “No….I Do It!!

    • I always told myself…my kid won’t go through that stage…I will make sure of it. Well… can’t stop it. One day they are sweet and full of kisses and next they are throwing tantrums and screaming. Good luck to you!!!

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