Going Back to School

imageWell I did it…. I decided to go back to school. I know it’s little late seeing as I’m in my late 30’s, but something just hit me and said “it’s time!”

A lot went in to this decision….

  • more money
  • promotion at work
  • I love school and miss it
  • my health is better

And a lot was holding be back until now….

  • Working 40 hours a week
  • Having 2 kids under the age of 6
  • Health issues making me tired all the time

A lot has changed over the last few months. Yes, I still have health issues but they are mainly in my back and leg. I’m not tired anymore. I finally got my thyroid medications regulated. I’m finally able to get back in the gym to get this weight off. A lot of the classes I will be taking will be online so I will still be able to pick up the kids from school. I know I will be stressed out but I think I can handle it. It will be a rough 3 years…trying to juggle my job, my kids, and school….but I’m willing to try. And it may just take me an extra year to complete it but so be it….

So starting tomorrow…I will be back in school.  And man oh man, I do not miss biology. But following in my grandmas footsteps….In the next few years I will be  finally be a nurse.

Get’er done!!



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