My Baby Boy

My little tormentor. My little heart breaker. My little genius. My baby.  Aside from my husband, my little boy is the best thing that has happened in my life. He changed my life…for the better of course.

My baby boy is 2 ½ years old. He is so smart for his age. And I am not saying that to gloat. Just speaking as a proud momma. He crawled early. He walked early. He was early at a lot of things. As a mom, I am hoping that he keeps those smarts for years to come and doesn’t lose interest in expanding his mind.  His dad and I try to teach him as much as possible. We play educational games. He watches educational shows. He is learning ASL (sign language). He is sponge…and I love filling him with knowledge that will help him in the future.

My baby boy is a lover of all things sports and of course the thing that scares me the most….he loves motorcycles. He loves skateboards and anything boy. We watch football together as a family. And when games are not on he will take the ipad, put it on and watch playbacks. (yes….he loves football that much!) He thinks the neighbors 10 year old daughter is his girlfriend. He is a definite ladies man. He is a flirt and he has the looks to back it up. The girls just love him. And as I read this over I am realizing that I may have a problem with my little baby boy when he gets older.

My Little Boy

Being a new mom has opened my eyes to fears that I didn’t even know existed. The things that I fear about my little boy seem to grow daily. Jumping from the highest ledges and breaking something, injuries received from playing sports, motorcycles crashing, skateboards and breaking limbs…and worst of all…THE SEX TALK!!! I hate the fact that I will probably have to teach him about condoms at a young age.

Compared to my fears my little boys list is miniscule. He does NOT fear jumping off of anything higher than the floor, being injured while playing sports, riding a motorcycle, OR riding skateboards and breaking his limbs. I think the only thing my little boy fears is not being the center of ALL girls attention and not being around mommy and daddy.

But because I am his mother and I want him to grow and learn from experience and follow the path to his version of happiness…then I am going to support him in whatever he chooses…whether its hurting himself playing sports or riding a motorcycle or jumping off stuff.

In summary: my baby boy lights up my life. He is heart…my soul….my life.

update: my son is now 7 and still lights up my life. He is so darn smart…he makes me proud. He is a socialite like his dad. And he is emotional like me. He is a perfect mix of the two of us. He is my heart…..


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