No More Pain Please…

imageLiving day to day in pain is no joke. This is probably one of the hardest things I have ever had to do….AND I HAVE 2 KIDS!!!

I have been to multiple doctors and I have had multiple tests….and I still don’t have an answer. Keep in mind all of my doctors are fee-for -service doctors….so they are all about that 10 minute visit for your one issue. And you basically get pushed out the door for bringing up multiple symptoms. Well either that or they refer you to someone else. And then that doctor does the same thing.
Where is House when you need him??
I need a doctor that will take the time to figure out what is causing my pain. But instead I get a doctors that schedule each test and each follow up visit to get the results in 2 week time spans… then it takes a month just to see what the MRI results are.
All I need is a pelvic MRI. I know it. I just wish they would order it. But knowing the system….I will ask the doctor to order it…and if the doctor puts in their notes “member requested” or “I don’t think it’s needed” then it won’t get approved and I am back to square one. (And as I type this I talked myself into asking anyways. What can it hurt.) But my point is….why don’t they see the issue and order it. But no….so far they have made me take multiple tests that I probably didn’t even need.
Here’s what my current issues are:
Tailbone pain
Sciatica (butt to foot) in left side
Numb shin and foot in left side
Foot drop on left foot
Muscle atrophy in left left
Neurogenic bladder
Intermittent numb genital area left side
Ovarian cysts

Here are the tests/visits I have had in the last couple months:
CT of brain
MRI of brain
MRI of neck
MRI of middle back
MRI of lower back
Orthopedic surgeon
Family Doctor

And what I have heard so far:
Family doctor says you should see a specialist. My orthopedic surgeon says I do not have herniated discs anymore. My back surgery fixed that. So my leg pain is not from my lower back so he sends me off to a neurologist. Neurologist says yeah there is a compressed nerve but we will wait to do the EMG nerve test (even though my leg has been in pain for the last 5 years)….and we do all of these random MRIs (which cost an arm and a leg) to test for MS. And to top it off….before he ends the visit he says “I don’t think you have MS. I’m even going to order the MRI without contrast because I don’t think you have it.” Then he goes on to say that after the EMG test I may need to go to my OB or my Urologist to see if they will look into it further. Maybe find the cause. Say what!!! Then why the hell am I here!!!!!!
So here I am another month later….loosing muscle and limping….waiting on another follow up visit so I can schedule my EMG. I wish they would just order my pelvic MRI….just to ease my mind.


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