This pictures seems to sum up my life.

My name is April. I am 42 years old (boooo). I’ve been with my wonderful husband, D, for 24 years. We were high school sweethearts (insert love face with hearts flying from the eyes). I knew he was the one from the first time I saw him. He walked into my class and smiled that beautiful smile at me and I was done. There was no one else for me. Him on the other hand…that was a different story. (insert wink) He wanted to soil his “player” oats…which he did well by the way. But I finally “convinced” him that we were meant to be. And I say “convinced” lightly…as that is another long not so flattering story for me. Hahahaha. You would think that I was a terrorist with teen love as a guide. Scary!!!  Oh if you could see my face right now….you would giggle.

We have spent the majority of our lives traveling and enjoying each other. In our mid-30’s we decided to finally have a baby. We needed to slow down the “party” life and start up a new one with responsibility and structure. What were we thinking!! I joke…but I love my baby boy and baby girl. I loved being pregnant. I loved the experience of natural birth (with the help of an epidural). Yes I know…not so natural….but when that big baby comes out of your hoo-haa and not your tummy….I consider that to be “natural”. J  And with that….my little boy, D Jr., was born. I loved having my baby girl. I had to have her via C-Section but that’s ok. I had her and that is all hat matters. My baby girl was born!

We waited a couple of years to get our lives a little more “situated” than what it already was and we decided to have another baby. I wanted to wait 2 years in between them but we waited a little longer. My son was barely turning 3 when his sister was born. So we were not too far off. A lot of our friends say we are the “planner” type of family but I think we are more easy going. I didn’t so much as “plan out” my pregnancies as I gave my husband a timeline. It was more like….I “better” be pregnant before I am 34 and then with the next one…..it was more like….you have 2-3 years to decide when to get me pregnant! Get to it!!  Some say ultimatum…I say… I know what I want. Haha. Pushy, pushy!! (wink wink)

In the end we both got what we wanted…a family of our own that we love and adore.


Copyright © April and My Family Is My Heart, 2013.


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  1. Thank you for stopping by my blog! I came over to see yours and I’m enjoying it! Can’t wait to read more!

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