OMT and Dry Needling – awesome!

img_1906These last few years have been very hard for me. I’ve gone through a lot medically. I’ve seen a multitude of doctors and no one could ever figure out what my problem was. I should’ve known to take the naturopath way. I probably could have gotten my issue solved a long time ago. Anyone who reads my blog knows what I’ve been going through over the last couple of years. But for those of you that don’t read my blog, I’ll give you a quick rundown. Over the last couple of years I have had:

  • back surgery
  • sciatic pain
  • foot drop
  • migraines
  • dizziness
  • neurogenic bladder

I have just been in pain 24/7.

Well I am very happy to report that most of that is done. I was having migraines weekly and haven’t had a migraine in two months. I had orthostatic hypotension (dizzy every time I stood up)…and I haven’t been dizzy in months. My foot drop has gone away and foot function is back to normal. I no longer have muscle atrophy in my left leg.  I’m able to bend over without crying. I’m able to play with my kids. I’m able to pee without taking a pill. I WILL NOT have daily catheters in my near future. So…..Right now I am a happy, happy girl.

Over the last couple of years I’ve been to an urologist for my bladder, three neurologist for my foot drop and leg pain. I have seen an orthopedic surgeon for my back pain. I finally went to my last neurologist who happened to be a DO and she said I don’t need any more testing. I don’t need any more imaging. I just needed to get some massages and some OMT adjustments from another DO and hope that this will help. The goal was to give my body a break. She sent me to an orthopedic DO. I began the OMT (osteopathic manipulative therapy). Basically it’s chiropractic care but by a certified doctor. And it’s a little more in depth than just getting an adjustment from a chiropractor. And I have to say I loved it. On my first visit he adjusted me from head to toe and I already felt a difference. Then he sent me to physical therapy. It took two tries with two different physical therapy facilities…but I finally found one that I liked and that is helping too.

The physical therapist I’m seeing does dry needling. I always heard bad things about dry needling but the way he does it isnt so bad. The old way is where they jab the needle in you and then take it out and jab it in again and take it out and jab it in again. Painful. This one…it’s not like that. He puts the needle in til he hits the muscle, twists a little and then put the tens unit attached to it so that the muscle jumps and stretches and releases. This process was way better than being tortured by needles. And I have to say it’s great. The procedure lasts for about 15 minutes but the relief that I feel after is amazing. My back doesn’t hurt, my butt doesn’t hurt, I’m able to stretch, and able to move. I’m able to do my exercises without hurting myself. Granted there are a few times where I had a little too much to drink and stretched a little too far or did a little too much ballet. But then all I had to get adjusted with OMT and get a little dry needling and I felt 100% better. I have to say… With how I felt two years ago compared to how I feel now… It’s amazing… It’s at least 90% better than how I felt before and I’m ecstatic.


Back Surgery

I’m back. I have taken a sort of hiatus from writing my blog. Not because I don’t want to write it that because there’s been a lot going on in my life. I believe the last time I wrote on my blog was when I was thinking about my attachment parenting style. But the last personal thing I wrote was when I re-injured my back. Well I finally got that taken care of. I caved and had back surgery.


At first I was nervous, I wasn’t sure what to expect. When you think of people having surgery on their back, the first thing that comes to mind is possible paralysis. And for that reason I put it off for a very long time. But after talking with my surgeon he stated that paralysis is not likely to happen. The worst that could happen is if they touch the nerve then I could possibly have drop foot. But again, not likely to happen. And over the last few months, my back pain has gotten worse and worse every day. I believe back in August my pain got so bad that I couldn’t walk on my right side. I got the injections in my back and the right side started to work, but then all of a sudden my left side stopped working. I went into see my ortho thinking that the option was going to be injections again, but on my left side, but I was wrong. He said maybe it’s time to think about surgery. Injections just aren’t working anymore. I was a little nervous but I think I was also ready. I know I just wanted the pain to end.


4 years of pain. Physical therapy wasn’t working. Injections weren’t working. I didn’t want to limp anymore. I wanted to be able to pick up my kids. I wanted to be able to play with my kids. Lately all I have been doing is limping around and being a little snappy because I’m not feeling well. And on top of that… I met my deductible for the year so I figured…why not have the surgery …while it’s paid for.


So I did. I had my surgery on Monday. I’m already walking around. I’m not taking too many meds. I’m trying not to push myself and re-injure myself. But that part is kind of hard. I don’t know what to do with myself since I’m not feeling any pain. I haven’t had a day of no pain in a long time. My daily…..was pain in my back and my butt and down my legs. And by daily… I mean all day every day. And now… There is a little tenderness around the incision site and if I walk too much there’s a little bit of pain on my butt but that’s it. I am already feeling 90% better than what I was feeling before the surgery.


I still have to talk to my doctor about the surgery and my expectations. Apparently he spoke to my hubby right after the surgery but my hubby is terrible at taking notes when talking to doctors. These are the instructions I got from my hubby:

      • He went in and removed stuff
      • Surgery went well
      • Take it easy
      • Wear the back brace when you are not laying down
      • Take meds when needed
      • Watch for infection

I am pretty sure there was s little more detail than that. My next appointment with him is Jan 6 so we’ll see what other details he will add at that time. So for now… I’m trying to take it easy. I’m laying down. I am standing. I’m walking. I am cleaning. I’m trying not to bend over. I’m not picking up the kids. Sitting doesn’t feel good so I am not doing that too much. I did however walk through the mall yesterday and I am DEFINITELY feeling the pain for that today. But I guess that’s what meds are for. Haha

So we will see how I feel in the upcoming weeks. So far…it’s looking like the surgery was a great idea.