My January Struggle


This is been a rough month for me. And it’s just started. Let me list my struggles out for you…

  • I’ve changed my thyroid meds a few times. They upped it again and it seemed to make me worse. I was in a pretty bad depression for a few weeks. I mean I’ve been depressed before but this was another level. My brain was pretty dark there for a minute.
  • I think it also increased my blood pressure. For a few weeks, my blood pressure was 130/90.
  • I went and got labs done for my physical and my glucose was up.

So for the last three weeks I had depression, hypertension and possible prediabetes. These meds are definitely doing something weird to my body.  The doc says that I need to give it at least five weeks with this new regimen. It takes five weeks for the meds to really adjust to your body. So I have two more weeks to hope and pray that I get back to normal. The good thing is (now) my depression is gone. And last time I went back to the doctor (a couple days ago) my blood pressure was back to normal. I’m working on eating right and I’m back in the gym…. So I’m working on the glucose. I’m doing everything that I can to fix it on my side. Now I have to wait and see if the meds do their part to.
Now we are on to the next level of struggle…

  • I went to my urologist to have my bladder tested to see why my bladder refuses to pee on its own. The test shows that I have a neurogenic bladder. Which basically means that my herniated disc in my back or my back surgery (1 of the 2) has pinched the nerve in my back that goes to my bladder causing it to not work. So basically I have no nerve function to my bladder anymore. The only solutions are:
  • Another back surgery to fix it
  • Take pills for the rest of my life …then….If the pills stop working – have my urethra dilated every week (talk about painful) and then……if that stops working – wear catheter for the rest of my life (worst fear)

Ohhhh….the struggle doesn’t end there…..

  • I also had those lovely migraine attacks which I talked about on my previous post.
  • Along with those migraines….I had the awesome allergic reactions to Imitrex (a migraine med) which made me feel like I’m having a stroke. Good times!

Then…to make things worse…..On my sons birthday a couple months ago I am pretty sure I re-herniated my back.

  • I finally got into my doctor and he said I needed another MRI. I had it done. I see the herniated (or scar tissue because I can’t tell the difference). Either way…..I’m pretty sure I’m going to have to have back surgery again. It probably won’t happen until mid February but nevertheless… Still shitty news. At least if I have surgery they will fix two things at once… My disk herniation and my bladder nerve function.

Then….My daughter caught a head cold in December. She still has her head cold in January.

  • My daughter gave me her cough. I ended up in urgent care thinking I cracked a rib again from coughing…. But I didn’t… It was just a pulled muscle.
  • Then a few days later….my son caught a stomach bug and give it to me.

Gotta love my little petri dishes! It’s only January and I’ve almost met my deductible. Just sad!
Then to top it off….the worst one……a very sad moment for me….

  • I had to put my dog down. My awesome “old man”….PeeWee. He was such a good dog. We had him for over 10 years. He was loyal, strong minded, smart, and stubborn. I will miss him always. But it was definitely a pretty shitty way to end my January.


I really need February to be a good positive month. No more negativity. No more pain. No more illness. No more headaches. Only happy things to write about. Only happy thoughts. Only positive energy.


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