Post-Op Behavior Changes


There is just something about my family and getting rare medical issues or side effects. Well this time it was my baby girl. As I said in my last post…she had some dental work. The dental work she had was pretty extensive. It was enough to put her under (which is scary in itself).  The dental treatment happened and she came out of it ok….but then all hell broke loose.

My little girl has always been a cuddler and a lover. Always laying with me or daddy and she would grab my face and say she loved me. Well all of that changed once she had this procedure. That little sweet girl was gone.

The girl that came home from the surgery was mean. She was angry all the time. She would hit and scream and throw tantrums. These are things she never used to do. My poor baby was having nightmares. Not even night terrors. No they were straight up nightmares. She would be dead asleep and start punching the air, yelling NO NO NO. Then she would cry for mommy. She would wake up and I would be there right rubbing her and she would scream/cry “I want my mommy!! I want my mommy!!” And I would say I’m right here baby…and then she would swing at me as if she didn’t really want me. It was heart breaking.

This was probably the hardest week for us as a family. We didn’t know what to do. So I researched. Like I always do…and I found that there is a small percentage of childen that go into surgery will come out having a bad experience and the trauma to their mental state can last up to a week (maybe longer) depending on the child. One of the places I found some of the details was in But since it is a rare occurrence it was hard to find information on it. But the information I found stated that the side effects of the trauma can be:

  • Nightmares
  • Tantrums
  • Anger
  • Aggressive
  • Hostile
  • Bed-Wetting
  • Loss of Appetite
  • Separation Anxiety
  • Lashing out at parents

Well she definitely had all of these issues. And the other information I found says they haven’t really done too many studies on this because they don’t know what causes it. It could either be the trauma from the sedation or the trauma from the surgery. So they are not sure which area to focus on to get the best results. Personally I don’t see why the have to choose. They know it happens. So do the study on both issues. Just do the research.

For me…I could understand where a lot of her issues came from. She cried out for me because I didn’t take her back when she was being put under. She would swing at me when I was there because she was mad at me for not being there (even though I was). She wouldn’t eat because her mouth hurt. She was angry and hostile towards us because she was mad that we put her through that. So I get it. It was a rough week but that’s about how long it lasted. A week.

The nightmares lasted a little longer. Maybe 2 weeks. She had some slight separation anxiety too. She wanted to be in our bed for a few weeks after the surgery….but she slowly get better there too. She was a trooper. I give my little baby girl props. I know she weren’t through hell to fix her teeth. And I am thankful she pulled through. I am thankful my happy girl is back. And I’m thankful she loves me. I know she always loved me…but it’s nice that she shows it now.


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