Kindergarden: A Four Year Old’s Struggle

So my little boy started kindergarten a few weeks ago…I’m a proud mommy. imageI’m so excited that my little boy is so smart. He’s only four and he was tested in kindergarten. I always knew he was a smart kid because he was picked up things pretty quickly. But just because he smart doesn’t quite make kindergarten easy. I mean…I knew it wouldn’t be a walk in the park…but I didn’t quite expect this.

It’s been a hard transition for my boy. He has been in trouble quite a few times. I always have to tell myself… He’s only four. But he’s been in the principals office four times already. The principal knows me by name. I know his voice soon as he calls. How sad is that?!?! Now the good part about that is they are all minor offenses. He gets in trouble for playing.

He’s been in the principals office four times… But basically the reasons are… he’s four. I get that he’s in school now and he has to follow structure but he’s not used to that. He’s never had to do that before.

First time…..He got in trouble because he wouldn’t stand in a straight line.
Second time…….He got in trouble because him and a couple friends were running around when they were supposed to be sitting down.
Third time……he got in trouble because he was playing in the hallway when he was going to the bathroom.
And last….but not least….he got in trouble because a girl invited him in the girls bathroom and he didn’t know to say no.

These are all things that a four-year-old would do. So how do I get mad at that. I understand he needs structure… I get it I do. But he’s new to this. In his pre-k class he would finish his work early and instead of giving him more they would let him go play. They didn’t quite know what to do with him since he always finished his work early. So…not only am I hoping that maybe he’ll catch on (and fast) but I’m also wondering how serious this issue really is. I don’t see it as being as serious as the teacher and the principal do… But, I’m not trying to run to school.

His teacher also tells me that he’s been getting in trouble in class but she says it’s because he’s intelligent. Does that make sense to you? Because it didn’t to me at first. She finally explained that when they are doing projects or schoolwork he finishes before the other kids. And because he does that she either has to give him extra work or he sits there….and when he sits there he starts to act up. He gets bored. She said that if he learned structure and was OK with it that she could take him far… But he needs to work on learning his structure first.

We haven’t really figured out this whole punishment thing for being bad in school. So far we’ve chalked it up to staying in your room for a few hours, not having the iPad all day, not being able to watch TV, and not doing fun stuff on the weekend… But it’s hard to punish a kid when you can totally see where he’s coming from when he gets in trouble.

The bad thing about this… Is that we had the same problem since he was three years old. We had to move him up a class a couple times because he was too bored. The learning part came easy but the structure and the behavior wasn’t as easy for him.

What to do?


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