Our Vaca Without Our Babies


We did! Our first trip out of state without our babies. Our first time staying without the babies longer than date night. Well really it was our first time leaving Jazz. We left D once for 4 days when he was 2. And I swear that was the hardest thing I ever did in my life. I was a mess that trip.
And I have to admit…this trip was hard but it was easier than the first time.
On this trip my baby girl was 17 months and my son was 4. She was just a little younger than my boy. I think they did ok but I cried a couple times. We called them like 3 times a day. It was pretty pitiful. We would call them and be all sentimental on the phone and the kids seemed like they were missing us as much as we were missing them. It was cute. Baby girl said I love you for the first time. At least for my hubby. She said it to me once before but that’s was his first time hearing it. I swear he was jumping up and down with excitement….asking people if they heard it. It was so cute. It was so cute that for that split second we were wishing we were home so we could hug her and kiss her. But we didn’t cave.
We stayed away. We enjoyed our trip. Our 2 days away from the babies.
And yes we enjoyed our adult time….but we are so happy to be home with our little ones.


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