Milestone Month

This has been a month for milestones. My babies are growing up so fast.
My baby girl tries so hard to either be just like her brother or be better than her brother. If he does something….she had to do it to. Which is cute, don’t get me wrong. But it’s a little scary. She isn’t falling to far behind where her brother was around her age.
My baby girl is 17 months old and she is potty trained. imageShe still wears a diaper when she sleeps. But during the day it’s all potty chair. We take that thing every where we go. That part is not so much like my son. At least with a boy you can just pull over the car and have him pee on the tires. With her, we have to pull out the potty chair….sit her on it then clean it out. It’s more of a process but at least it’s working.
She is also teaching herself to swim. imageShe will watch her brother swim and then she jumps in and tries. If I can only teach her to close her mouth or not breathe underwater. And we moved her to her own bed which was a big step for her. And I think she took it like a champ. She had no problems moving to her own bed. And once she moves out of the night terrors stage – we can move her bed to her own room. For her brother….he was in his own room at 2 years old with no night terrors and skewing through the night. And so far with everything else…she is following in his footsteps so I see that happening soon.
The obstacle we have with her is her bottle. She loves that thing. She will go all day with out it. She won’t be happy about it but she will do it. She has a hard time going to sleep without it. And yes…I know she should have stopped at 12 months old and yes I know it’s not good for her to rely on it to go to sleep…but her brother was the same way. But with him…he at lest got the boob til he was 2. He relied on it to go to sleep. For my little girl…she had to stop breastfeeding early because of my health issues….so this out of all the bad things she could be doing – I will give her. It could be worse. She could be no talking, still in a diaper, sucking her thumb, using a pacifier AND drinking a bottle. Luckily I never had to worry about the thumb or pacifier and I know that the bottle is a bad habit to have…but one thing at a time.
And then my boy….oh my smart little boy….he learned to ride his bike with no training wheels on the first try. imageAnd it only took a couple hours for him to yell “let go dad! I can do it!” He is so fearless. He takes after his daddy in that manner. So strong willed, smart and independent. Just like his daddy.
And then my baby boy is testing to get into Kindergarten early. He is only 4. He will be 5 in November. He is so darn smart. The class he is low is holding back. I can always tell when he is bored in the class because toward the last few months of him being in a class for year he starts acting out. It’s always between 3-330. He did this last year – we moved him up to the next grade level and no more acting out. So we are thinking it’s the same thing. He knows his numbers, his letters, how to write, how to read and they all they do in his class is trace letters and sing songs. So I think it’s time.
My babies are growing up so fast. And I’m so proud of my little ones. My life has done a 180 since my kids have been born and I could be happier for it. I love my babies. I love their strength…their personalities….their individuality…and their beauty (in and out). My babies are the best things that have ever happened to me.
Proud Mom


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