Why does the 2nd kid get less attention?

imageMy poor little girl has gotten the short end of the stick. I know they say that with your second kid you are a little more relaxed. You don’t worry as much. You don’t have that new mom thing going on. It’s more like…been there, done that….shoot im a pro!

I thought It would have been a myth. There’s no way I would be less concerned about my daughter. But I was wrong. Not that I’m less concerned but more relaxed about having another kid.

We take less pictures. She doesn’t have a scrapbook….its more like a box of crap that is not labeled. I don’t blog about her as much as I did with him. I’m not in panic mode when she falls….instead I kiss her ouie and tell her to move it along. We didn’t make her watch Baby Einstien like we did with her brother. And this is a bad one….we don’t brush her teeth as much as we should. With her brother we were diligent about cleaning his teeth and getting the milk off his tongue. But with her….we forget to do it before she falls asleep at night. We have a set time that we brush her brothers teeth and sometimes she falls asleep before then…so we miss out on it.

I feel bad when I think of things like this but then I try to make excuses….I’m too busy…I have so much going on that I forgot….she is learning from her brother…there is not enough time in the day….but really…all of that translates to – I’m lazy. My baby girl is suffering from my laziness.

So my goal for this next year is to get better….if not for me…then for my little girl.


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