I’m Still In Recovery

Recovering from back surgery has been a struggle. I have yet to find a happy medium. Say that I will take a happy medium, seeing how I’m not sure if I’m going to have 100% recovery. Earlier had posted that I had back surgery and I was glad I did it because the pain was gone. And apparently that was my medicated illusion.

Two weeks after my surgery I thought I was fine. Everything was good. I was able to slightly bend over. I could sit and not wense. I could stand and not want to cry….but then the meds wore off. I started getting pain in my back, it was a light pain…. Nothing compared to what it was before. But still it was pain. Then the pain started going down my leg and to my toes. All I could think was crap….the surgery didn’t work. I mean I’ve heard of this happening before… Failed back surgery syndrome. and I was really hoping this was not the case. So I looked it up.

Apparently, this is a typical thing after back surgery. From all of the forums I read, it happens a lot. There was a lot of people out there that got leg pain (nerve pain) after surgery. So I was worried but not to much. And my follow up appointment was coming up in the next couple days…so I figured I would just ask my doctor.

I finally got to my doctor and explained what was happening and he said everything I was feeling was completely normal. Especially because I had nerve pain for so long before the surgery.  The way he put it I was thatthere was compression on for so many years that now that the compression is not there my nerve doesn’t realize that and is still acting out. So basically my nerve has a bad attitude. I have to wait another month to see if the pain goes away. He said it could take a few days to a few months. So in the meantime I am taking my anti-inflammatory meds until my next appointment. If I’m still feeling pain within that time I might have to start taking nerve medication, such as Lyrica. Basically, to train my nerve not to flare up when nothing touching it.

Well it has been about a week since my appointment and I am still getting leg pain. I will have a good day with no pain and then the next day I’m taking pain pills and laying in the couch. And it doesn’t help that I have started working too. And don’t confuse that for not “wanting” to work…it’s more like not knowing “how” to work. I tried to sit the whole time and it hurt s little (more like moderate pain). Then I tried to stand the whole time which ended up hurting more than sitting. I ended up having to take 2 pills and laying down. I don’t know what I’m gonna do….sit, stand, sit, stand…

I will try that tomorrow and see where I stand. my next appointment is in 2 weeks….so until then I will keep taking my anti inflammatory meds and hope that I don’t have to start nerve meds. (Fingers crossed – no more pain!)


4 comments on “I’m Still In Recovery

  1. This sounds much like my experience. So far anyway. I’m only 8 days post op from a partial disc removal. The first few days were hell, and it’s slowly getting better but I’ve noticed when I sit a certain way my toes tingle. My mother in law who is a nurse is pretty sure it’s still from swelling. They did have a big metal rod in my back 8 days ago. I find a cane super helpful. It helps take some of the pressure off my back when I’m walking around, otherwise it gets super sore and fatigued. Well best of luck to you, I hope it is all good once you are fully recovered.

  2. Still having leg pain but not as bad as it was and it gets better every day. I look forward ward to hearing how you are progress goes.👀 Check out my blog for my story of back surgery. Happy healing!☀️👐🏼

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