imageFriendships come and go
I have had some that I thought were true
And some that were more of an acquaintance
Lately….it seems to be that
The ones I thought I would have in my life forever
Have somehow fallen through the cracks

They say this happens with age
Times change
People change
Principles change
Therefore, friendships change

I didn’t think it would happen to me…but it did

There are phases of life
And with each phase you collect new friends
Some stay with you and watch you grow
But sadly (at least for me) a lot of them leave

There are:
Grade school friends
High school friends
College friends
Work friends
Party friends
Play-time parent friends
And last but not least….
Growing old together friends

You may start off with 5-6 of each type of friend
And then slowly they start to dissipate

Visits become calls
Calls become texts
Texts become FB timeline updates
Then suddenly you look and you’ve been unfriended

Why is it so hard to find a good friend?

Someone you can share your many stages of life with
Someone to help build you up when you need it
Someone you watch you grow
Someone to keep it real with you
Someone who doesn’t judge you
Someone to give you a shoulder to cry on
Someone who will be there for you
Someone who will listen to you complain even if they don’t really want to

I mean….
Is the Sex In The City friendship to much to ask for?
Is a long lasting friendship not the “in” thing these days?
Don’t mistake these rambles for a lonely girl
Looking for comfort
Or a woman in need of some new pitty friends

This is just the 2am ramblings of a tired woman….
Noticing that….once again…..
She has been unfriended.


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