I have a new found interest in Pinterest!


I know I am about 5 years too late but at least I am finally joining the crowd. I tried Pinterest when it first came out and all I saw then was a bunch of pictures of hobbies and places I wanted to go. But little did in know it was more than that.
Now when I look I see….DIY ideas, toddler craft ideas, beautiful outfits, beautiful photography, some really funny sayings and so much more.

Before when I was having a bad day….a good release for me was to read a good book (mostly erotic – hey don’t judge), I use to do puzzles before I had kids (now a days those will just be random pieces on the floor with no real purpose – no real fun for me), I would write my blog (which lately has been taking me longer and longer to do), or I would jump on Facebook (which is getting boring).

But now….when I need a break from the kids….a break from work…a break from life…I jump on Pinterest and stare at random pictures wishing I had the money to buy whatever I am staring at.

I still haven’t decided if this is a good thing or not.  Until I do….follow me on Pinterest – then you can see how well you really know me….


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