Its been a rough year

This has been a rough year.  And New Years Resolutions have been put on hold. Goals are on hold. Our travel plans keep changings. My plans of moving have also changed. My vision of where we would be in the next 10 years has blurred. Not all of these things have changed in a bad way. Some things have been good. But all of my recent injuries and hospital visits have put a hold on a  lot of things. Some are permanent holds. Some are a couple years away kind of holds.

In January 2014, my back started to hurt again after having my daughter.

In March 2014, I got lumbar epidural injections in the left side of my L4/L5.

In May/June 2014, I was in and out of the hospital with kidney stones. And surgery. And stent removal.

In June/July 2014, my daughter was in the hospital for dehydration.

In August 2014, I re-injured my back and the pain was getting worse and worse everyday. It got to the point where I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t sit. I could even stand without wanting to cry. I had tingling in both of my feet. The pain in my right leg was so bad that I walked with a limp. I was even loosing the reflex in my right knee. I was loosing feeling in my leg.

Yesterday (Sept 2014),  I got lumbar epidural injections in the left side of my L4/L5, the right side of my L4/L5 and the right side of my L5/S1. The side effects from the steroids were a little crazy. I had a head ache, loss of appetite, I couldn’t sleep and my left side still hurt. I do have to say – my right side felt great! NO more pain. NO more limping. So I know the injections are working. I just have to give the left side a little more time to kick in. But I feel better.

And after all of these things….we have about $20, 000 in medical bills. AND we have insurance. Granted – its a high deductible insurance but still. Bills are bills. And this has put us behind quite a bit. So goals change. We must adapt. And I will try my best to be happy with the life adjustments. Make the best of the cards we have been dealt.  All I can say is….I truly hope that we do not add on any more medical debt. No more medical visits. No more medical bills. Just let us pay off the stuff we have – and give us a better 4th quarter of the year.

Here is to hoping!


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