I Re-Injured My Back

Why is it I always find my self injured right before a holiday weekend. My body just doesn’t want me to have a good time. No relaxation for you lady. Only pain.

Memorial Day weekend I was in the hospital with kidney stones which ended in surgery. This weekend is Labor Day. The perfect time for a beer by the pool, a night out with the hubby, and a PERFECT weekend for shopping. But I cant walk around. I cant do anything but lay on the couch and wait for my doctor to call me on Tues.

I am confined to the couch because I re-injured my back. I have 2 herniated discs in my lower back. I got injections in my back the 1st time a couple years ago and they worked great. They worked up until I got pregnant and had my daughter. Then the injections wore off and I had to get them again. And they worked again…until the other night. You would think that by now I have learned how to pick up my kids. Well you would be wrong! It was 3am and my daughter woke up to eat. I picked her up and BAM! Sharp, sharp….ice pick in my back pain. I felt like someone stabbed me with a knife and held it there twisting ever so slowly. It hurt. I was able to go back to sleep. But my real pain came when I tried to stand that morning when I woke up. And ever since that moment…..I have been in excruciating pain.

I cant sit, I cant walk, I cant bend over, I cant lay on my back, I cant lay on my tummy……I can only stand for about 15 min.  I have tried a Tens unit, NSAIDs, and Percocet. Nothing is working. I still feel the pain. I think I really hurt myself this time.  Usually the Percocet can knock out all the pain. Not this time. I take the Percocet and it brings me from a 15 on the pain scale  – down to a 7. I still cant do anything. It just stops me from crying.

And WHY do I always end up hurting myself when I am mid-workout plan. I get about 6 weeks into my gym routine and something happens to stop me from going back. The problem is – in the 1-2 months that I am out of commission – I cant work out and all I can do is eat. And to top it off – I crave sugar. I crave it more when I don’t work out. So I am screwed. I have lost 35 pounds since I had my daughter. And all I have left is another 15 to go. Damn it!

I am hoping that I really didn’t hurt myself good this time.  And I am REALLY hoping I don’t gain an extra 10 pounds.   We will see…….



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