Baby Advice

Aria Madden HinojosaMy beautiful niece had her baby the other day. I’m so excited for her. This is an adventure that she’s going to enjoy, love, and be scared of…all at the same time. She will be intimidated by motherhood but completely fall in love with the experience of being a mommy.

I am not a “new” auntie (obviously – because she herself is my niecebut I don’t know what title I am to my nieces daughter – other than auntie). But I think I feel so connected with my niece and her experience because I am so excited for her journey through motherhood. It’s about the ride. It’s about creating this life inside of you. It’s about having the baby. And it’s about all of the things that come with it. This is such a beautiful experience. And I’m so excited for her and happy for her.

I can’t stop giving her advice and telling her about my experiences. Even if she doesn’t want the advice…I have been giving it. (yes….I told her she can tell me to shut-it any time she wants). And I know for most mom’s…..they don’t want advice. Moms get tired of hearing advice. A little is ok but dont go overboard. I don’t want her to think I’m trying to tell her how to raise her baby. I’m just trying to help her and give her guidance. My goal is to let her know what is coming and give advice that way. If possible, I want to avoid giving advice for something that has already happen. (unless she asks for it of course) But when you give advice after the fact….then its not so much advice because then it sounds like you are telling the mom they are doing something wrong or how to do something better. And I definitely don’t want to do that.


So far I have given her advice/old her my experiences on:

  • breastfeeding
  • taking the classes on babies that they offer at the hospital
  • having a C-section
  • how to massage her c-sec scar to avoid getting a c-shelf
  • Watch the “happiest baby on the block” to calm a baby

And there is plenty more to come……..


A lot of the experience that I have is from my past because I grew up around a lot of kids. I would say I was raised in a bi family, but that is not completely true. It was big…but only because my mom and my sister would bring in random strangers and make them family. Some people collect animals and my family would collect stray kids. haha. My experience also came from watching others parent and thinking to myself… “Man I’m never going to do that.” Or watching other parents and saying… “Oh that’s pretty cool. I like that. I’m going to try that.” And I also learned a lot by doing research. (because that is the type of person I am) On a side note – learning all of these different things also inspired me to write this blog. And if I can save my niece the time and headache of doing a lot of the research herself then why not give her the advice and let her know my experiences because maybe it can help. You never know. And if I can help her to overcome any of the fears about babies and pregnancies and life then I’m going to try and help her any way I can.

I wish the best of luck to my beautiful niece and her beautiful baby. Love you! xxooxx


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