My California Vacation

I need a vacation from my vacation! I have been so tired the last couple of days that apparently coming home 1 day early wasn’t enough. I feel like I need a week to recover from my week vacation. I do have to admit….it was worth it. I got to see my beautiful nieces, my nephews, my mom, my sister, my brother, my cousins….heck…I got to see almost my whole family. There were a few missing from the visit but for the most part I got to see my whole family. Seeing them again reminded me how much I miss them. I don’t miss the drama…but I do miss them.

This vacation was action packed. We went from a desert to the beach. San Diego to be exact. It was beautiful. Humid as hell. But beautiful. It made me miss home…but that is a post for later. This post is to let you all experience my wonderfully exhausting vacation with me.

Originally I planned on a 10 day vacation….but fate had another plan. Our first 2 days of our vacation was postponed due to the fact that my baby girl was in the hospital for dehydration. The sad part was that I ended up missing my 20 year high school reunion. (which I prepaid for by the way). We finally got the green light from the pediatrician that we could take her traveling. It also helped that our pediatrician said that he happened to be traveling to LA around the same time – so he gave us his personal cell phone # and said to call him if we have any questions. (and I am sad to admit that we had to use the # once. But only once! But I digress.) The reunion was on Friday and they were also doing a beach party on Saturday. I fully intended on attending both. But, did I make it to either of them?? No!!! We got to San Diego (well…San Marcos…really) around 3 in the morning Saturday. We slept for maybe 3 hours and then we were up with the kids. We planned on going to the beach to see everyone but we got tied up with visiting family and we were so darn tired, that again, we didn’t make it.

Sunday came around and we spent a family day at the beach. It was great. Relaxing. My son was LOVING the water. He didn’t want to get out. Thankfully my mom brought a gazebo to cover us because…I was under the gazebo AND I had on sunscreen AND I still got sunburnt! Thanks to my gorgeous hubby, my babies get brown…but me….I turn into a lobster. So my next few days were going to be a little rough seeing as it was my first day in the sun and I got sunburnt. And some people might say…” but don’t you live in Arizona. Where its HOT and SUNNY all the time!” And I will respond with… “why yes. Yes, I do live in HOT AZ. But I am rarely in the sun. I am always inside…in the AC. And when I go into the sun – its for short amounts of time. Not 6 hours in the blazing HOT humid beach sun!”beach day 1

And then came Monday. We went to Legoland. Legoland was fun but it took us ½ the day just to organize a whole family and get everyone there. The kids rode a couple of rides. And they had fun when they did…but by the time we got through about 3 rides it was already nap time (because we took so long to get there). The kids were wiped out. The bad part was that we still were supposed to go to the waterpark. We bravely decide to skip the kids naps and go to the waterpark. We get there and my boy lasts maybe 15 minutes. My nieces and nephews last about 45 minutes. And the adults….we were all exhausted by the time everyone was done. We finally get all the kids in the car and all the kids pass out on the drive home. And on a normal day, this would be good for mommy and daddy….but we were tired too. We get to the room and pass out ourselves. So much for mommy/daddy time! Oh well…maybe tomorrow. (this seems to be my mantra lately – thanks kids!)legoland

Tuesday comes and its time to see some animals. We decided to take the kids to the San Diego Safari Wild Animal Park. And once again it takes us ½ the day to get the whole family organized and there. Mind you…most of the time…we were late because my hubby decided he wanted to be on vacation time and not be on time to anything. So a lot of the time we were waiting on him. The zoo was never really my thing…but I have a 3 year old and he LOVES animals. So this was really for him. And I have to admit that he had a blast. There was a talking zebra named Robert (whom he loved). He saw bats humping, a lion sleeping, saw giraffe’s up close, and rode a tram around the safari. And that was enough. We were tired (probably from the day before) so we cut the trip short and we went home.safari

Wednesday arrives and we have plans to once again go somewhere. So off we go to Seaworld. But again…we don’t leave the house until 1 in the afternoon. (and this time it was my mom’s fault. Haha) The one time the hubby and I were ready on time…she wasn’t. We finally get to Seaworld and we try to squeeze in all the shows that we can…we are scanning the map and times and trying to figure it all out. And my nephew decides he wants to get wet on the Atlantis rollercoaster. I haven’t spent much time with my nephew so I decide to do it with him. We head up to the line and we have some good conversation while waiting (well as good as you can have for a 7 year old). And while we are in line, the rest of the family is watching a show. We finally get to the front of the line and ride the coaster….my nephew gets wet but I see the water coming and duck. (yeah me!) I stayed dry. I actually stayed dry….until the guy behind me cupped some water and poured it on my back (jerk!). It was funny at the time….everyone was laughing….but in my head I was thinking “you jackass – I was dry!” But other than that it was fun. Then we met up with the family and we got to see one more show. We saw the pet show – which my son refused to sit through. Then we moved on to the shark exhibit. (my son has recently been obsessed with watching sharks on youtube – so I wanted to make sure he saw the real thing.) My boy was scared at first but then he loosened up and he really enjoyed it. We ended up leaving later than we wanted but we had a great time.IMG_3765.1

Thursday we were dead to the world. We were supposed to do the zoo or Seaworld again but we didn’t do anything. We were so darn tired from the busy week we had that we didn’t want to do anything at all. So we didn’t. We actually had a day of rest. We visited family and just hung out and had a great time visiting.

Friday we had my nephews birthday party and it was also 4th of July. Last year we went to Seaworld and watched the fireworks but the traffic was terrible. It took the family 3 hours to get home (on a normal day it would have been a 30 minute drive). So we decided to do something local for the 4th. This year we hung out in San Marcos at my nephews party. We had a great time hanging out with my immediate and extended family. It was nice seeing everyone have a good time. We left the party to go watch fireworks at a nearby park. And I have to say…the fireworks in San Marcos are NOTHING like the fireworks in Tempe, AZ. The Cali fireworks went for about 15 minutes. The Tempe fireworks went for over an hour. But all in all it was a good 4th of July. We got to hang out with family and relax.

Saturday was the day we decided to go home. My little man gets car sick so he has to be on Dramamine the whole drive. So we time it to where we are driving at night – when he is normally asleep. This also gave us a chance to relax on Sunday after this trip. So….its our last day in Cali and what do we decide to do you ask?!!??!! We spent the whole day at the beach. Yes that’s right! We hung out with the family at the beach. In the hot summer sun! Nothing like getting a little heat exhaustion before a 6 hour drive home. But we did it. We had a great time hanging with my family. My baby girl loved the beach. She didn’t want to get out of the water. It was so cute! My boy played in the water with his Uncle Connie (inside joke). He loved the water too. On this trip, the rip current was super strong so we didn’t go in past our knees. There were quite a few lifeguard recues because of that strong rip tide. But it was still nice. (At least we didn’t have a shark attack like they did at Manhattan Beach in LA!) They had a Samoan festival which was awesome. We got to see some Tahitian dancing. It was very entertaining.beac play beach

Seeing the festival, the beach, the water, the pier, and my family…just made me miss home all the more.


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