My Latest Trip to the Hospital

It seems like the only time I have been posting anything lately is to give an update on the bad stuff that has happened in m life. These aren’t my favorite types of posts but I haven’t had time for much of anything lately. My life has been non-stop work, kids, injuries, hospitals and doctor appointments.

If you have read my blog then you know that I have been in and out of the hospital for a couple of months now. For the latest kidney stone hospital story (click here).

Then soon after my hospital stay… son came home from day care with a stomach bug. My hubby and I try our hardest to keep him from my daughter. But it seemed like the more I told him to stay away. The more he wanted to touch her and hug her and kiss her. So eventually she caught it to. His stomach bug lasted about 5 days total. He was on day 4 when she started feeling a little yucky. I was working from home the day she started to feel yucky. But the next day. Things just went downhill. It was the one day that I had to go into the office. The one day that I was not going to be home. And she got worse.

I left for work at 6am. My hubby was home with the kids and he eventually had to leave work too. The nanny ended up showing up around 9am to relieve my hubby. As he leaves he changes her diaper and gives her to the nanny. He tells her that she is sick and has diarrhea. And she needs to make sure to watch out for dehydration. We have pedialyte…so use it.

I am working all day. Worried about my babies. Watching them on our nanny cam. And I notice that she is sitting on the couch a lot…not playing with the kids. So I send her a text and I ask how my baby girl is doing?? I ask her for an update…at 230 pm. (since I hadn’t heard from her all day). So she responds with…… “well she has been asleep all day. She woke up for maybe 5 minutes. Literally. She woke up to poop and then went back to sleep.” A sick feeling fell to the pit of my stomach. So I asked her “What about food? Has she drank any milk??? What about pee?? Has she peed????” She then replies with “She has not eaten since your hubby left. And she hasn’t peed either. Just the 1 poop.” All I can think is……WTF!!!!!!!!

I rush home and find my daughter awake but limp on her chest. My heart sank seeing my baby so sick. I take her from the nanny and I go into my room and start to breastfeed her. I am fuming!!!! I am so angry I cant even express into words how upset I am that my nanny didn’t know what signs or symptoms of dehydration to look for. I mean shit….she has a kid of her own!!! So I call the pediatrician and I am hoping that he doesn’t agree with my suspicions. But my hopes failed. The first response was – TAKE HER TO THE ER NOW! Then I say….”OK, well I am breastfeeding her now and she is eating it well. Does that make a difference or should I still take her as soon as she is done??” He responds with…. “Well…..if she is up and mobile and more alert after you finish then you may be able to keep her out of the hospital. But she needs to drink more milk and pedialyte. And you need to keep watching her.”

Ok….so she finishes eating and she is more alert. She is playing with her brother. 30 minutes pass and I am just staring at her and something doesn’t seem right .She still seems off. Her eyes are sunken in. Her lips are white, chapped and dry. Her soft spot is sinking in. It just doesn’t feel right. So we decide to take her to the ER.

We pack up the family and head off to the hospital. After being seen by a few nurses and doctors they decide to admit her to the hospital. We end up having to stay over night. Which was terrible. The crib was awkward. They said she HAD to sleep in the crib. She couldn’t sleep in my arms. And the nurses came in every hour to do something in the room which in turn ended up waking her up every hour. Which meant that my baby girl and I got no sleep. (Hubby and brother stayed home since kids are not allowed to stay overnight.) So my little girl and I hung out and slept all day in the hospital. And at that point I wanted my baby to sleep so I let her sleep in my arms…I didn’t care what the rules were. I held her and she slept. Later that afternoon… the doctor finally came in and said we could go home. She was getting better. Slowly but she is getting girl

So we take her home and feed her and show her love and let her sleep. We spend time with our beautiful daughter and thank the heavens that we still have her in our lives. My beautiful baby girl is alive and getting better. Thank God for my little miracle!







One comment on “My Latest Trip to the Hospital

  1. Oh no! So sorry you’ve been making your rounds at the hospital lately! I would be so angry too with the nanny, especially if you told her to be extra alert. I’m so glad your little one is on her way to feeling better! I know all about being in the hospital with a little one and it’s not easy!

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