My Little Girl Is Growing Up So Fast

IMG_3470.1My baby is growing up so fast. My baby girl is 7 months old. Within the last month she started crawling. She’s gotten two bottom teeth and she’s also started pulling herself up on the couches and walking along them. I can’t believe how time flies.

I remember when she was six months old. I say that like it was a long time ago. Haha. I was looking up the developmental milestones that she was supposed to be hitting… and I thought to myself… She’s not hitting them as fast as her brother was. I wasn’t concerned. At all. It just made me think.

Are boys faster than girls?

Do girls take their time?

I already see that girls are dramatic…but what other traits will be different???

There are so many differences between the two it’s staggering.

So here are the differences that I found so far:

  • She is way more dramatic than he was. Not in a bad way. Just a girlie way.
  • She is sympathetic. When he cries or when I cry – she cries.
  • She said Momma first and he said Dadda first.
  • She can sleep with noise. My son had to have it completely quiet. Any little tiny sound would wake him up. With her we can have the TV/Radio on, people talking, anything….and when its her time to sleep – she will sleep.
  • She entertains herself. My son would entertain himself but for short amounts of time. As long as he could see us he was fine. And with her she will entertain herself for a good 30 minutes before she even looks up to find us.
  • When my son was six months old he started to crawl and he was walking in his walker and I think we even got him to walk along the couches around that same time too. But my daughter she seems to be taking her time. That’s good. I’m happy about that. She’s finding her own, at her own pace. At six months my little girl was walking in the walker. She had a slight commando crawl. It wasn’t a traditional crawl. But that was okay. I also did a little research on crawling and no matter which type of crawling they do….be it commando crawl, standard traditional crawl, or scoot crawl… they are all considered crawling. So that was one milestone she accomplished.
  • She is small and dainty. Feminine with little feet. My son has huge feet. He was definitely a little boy.
  • As for her teeth. The two bottom teeth didn’t actually come in until she was about six months and three weeks. So basically seven months old. My Son however had both of his bottom teeth at six-months old. My baby drive also started doing the assisted walk… Meaning that she is pulling herself up onto the couch and walking along the side of the Using the couch to support her weight. And enlisting all of these things it’s really hard not to compare my sons my daughter or boy versus girl or personality versus personality….. I know I really shouldn’t do that. But I can’t help it. I know they are going to be different but using my son’s growth as a baseline gives me an idea of where she should be and how fast she’s getting there and if it’s fast enough.
  • She takes to people better than he did. My son didn’t like anyone. And I mean anyone. Grandparents, aunts uncles…friends. They were all fair game. Anyone tried to hold him that wasn’t me got a screaming baby. My girl just cries for strangers.
  • Haha speaking of that…the little girl loved her daddy instantly. With my son….it was a different story. He loved my hubby – until he talked. My hubby has a very deep voice (think Barry White). So every time he would talk it would scare my son and he would cry. My hubby would have to make his voice a high pitch for my son not to cry. Comedy!!!

Here are the similarities:

  • They are both beautiful. At least to me.
  • They look alike.
  • They both love the boob. My girl is a little more accepting of a similiac bottle every now and again. More so than my so – he hated them. I had to force him off the boob at 18 months. I think she will be easier to wean when its time.
  • Both are very attached to mommy.
  • Sleep habits are the same. Both in bed by 9pm. And both slept for 5-6 hours straight and then every 2 hours after…waking up just to eat and going right back to sleep.
  • They both had a certain song that would make them quiet in the car. My son’s song was Adele’s Someone Like You and my daughters song is John Legend All of Me

That is all I can think of right now….but either way I am happy to say that my daughter is right on track. She’s meeting her milestones. She’s a happy little girl. She is social yet bashful. And to me… She’s the most beautiful little girl I’ve ever seen.


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