My Crazy Week

My week has not been a little crazy. Not a horrible week but not great either.

I believe that I mentioned it in a previous post but to summarize – I have 2 herniated discs now. My L4-L5 and L5-S1. The L4-L5 is on the left and the L5-S1 is on the right. I have always felt the pain in my left side so that is where I got my injections. Well the injections worked. I no longer feel pain on my left side. And that is great…BUT…now that I cant feel the pain on the left – the pain on the right is starting to show itself. I don’t want to get the injections on the right side if I can help it but we will see how much pain I am in in the next few days. The pain was pretty bad a couple days ago. I was at a 10 on the pain scale. I was crying all day. Icing my back all day. Heating my back all day. Nothing helped. Finally 3 days later and the pain is gone.

Then to top it off – we had a dust storm here in Arizona on Thursday. The whole family instantly had terrible allergies. You name it, we had it: runny nose, dry throat, lost voice, dry itchy skin, – the works. The hubby, myself and my son were able to take our allergy meds and it made the allergies go away. But not the baby. My poor little baby cant take anything. So her allergies have now migrated into a sinus thing that we cant seem to get rid of. We took her to the doctor and he put her on an inhaler. And we have actually had to use it a few times. Scary when you see your baby unable to breath and turning red. And because I cant give her anything for the runny nose – otherwise she chokes every 30 minutes – which all means no sleep for mommy. So I have to sleep with her at an incline – which eventually means more back pain for me. I tried to pawn off the sleeping baby to daddy but his boobs aren’t as soft a mine and she wakes up 5 minutes later like “WHAT THE F!”

And if that isn’t enough…..I had to attempt day care for the first time for my baby girl. And….it didn’t go well. I was unhappy. She was unhappy. I walked in to pick her up and the staff was so happy to see me. Apparently she screamed the whole time I was gone. Her eyes were so puffy from crying all day. She refused to eat and sleep. Not good. So now I have to look for a nanny. And that is never a good thing because they always cost more than a day care. And Im not sure my pocketbook can take that right now. It was bad enough having to pay for my son and my daughter in day care…..but now I have my son in day care and my daughter with a nanny. I would just do the nanny for both kids but my son loves going to school. He loves getting to play with his friends. And I don’t want to take that away from him.

My next issue is time. I always seem to be short on time. There is no time for myself. No time to write my blog. No time to clean house. No time to go to the gym. I barely even have time to shower. Ok maybe it’s a slight exaggeration (especially since I am writing my blog right now). BUT…..when you have a kid on your hip or running around you in circles… don’t really have time for anything. You are too busy keeping them busy and entertaining them to have alone time. The only time I do have “alone” time is when the hubby gets home. But then he gets home late and all I have time for is making dinner and taking a shower.

And in my head….this is how it goes – “no time = no gym time = no losing weight = gonna be too fat in my bathing suit = sad depressing hands shoveling cookies in my mouth until I feel better.” What a horrible self-destructive pattern I weeve! Geee thanks honey for being late once again.

And so far…that is my week….and its only Wednesday. Hope you are enjoying your week!


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