Gentian Violet: My Purple Salvation

Well it’s official…I have thrush. I am hating life right now. My boobies hurt. The left one more so than the right. The left one hurt so bad last night that I didn’t feed her with it. By the time I woke up it was like I was laying with a cantaloupe and an apple. It was so full it hurt but the pain from the thrush still had me hesitating to feed her with that boob. But I did it. I gritted my teeth and I let her latch onto the cantaloupe.  OuCH!!!!!
So I called my PCP and made my appt. They gave me a Diflucan pill and sent me on my way. I called the little girls pediatrician and explained what I saw and they begin to tell me they have changed their way of treating thrush. Now they use an OTC med called Gentian Violet.
For those if you that don’t know what it is…it’s a VERY purple topical solution. You rub a little in your boob and let the baby eat. When the baby eats the solution transfers to the babies mouth.
Well she tells me to use it twice. Once today and then again in 7 days. Problem is… This solution stains. My baby looks like she ate Barney! My boobs are so big that I have smeared purple all over everything. You cant wear a bra because you have to let it dry to work. And the purple doesn’t come off for a few days.
So my baby has to be seen around town looking like this:
photo 2 - Copy
Well that’s not inconspicuous. My child looks like she sucked on a purple lollipop so then I have parents looking at me thinking:
Did she feed her baby candy? Uhh
I wonder if her boobs purple?
Uhhhh…that baby needs a bath!!

But whatever! I will take the looks and criticism….as long as it works! If this stuff doesn’t work I will be cussing out my kids pediatrician.

I will add an update in a couple days to let you all know if it works.

Fingers Crossed!!!!


Day 1: used the Gentian Violet. Everything turned purple. The next morning the redness was gone. I still have a big crack on one nipple (which is super painful).  But so far that is the only thing that hurts. The purple on the babies face has gone down. Now its only on her lips. The purple is completey gone from my nipples. I have now moved to soaking them in saline solution for 5 min a few times a day to help heal the crack. But for the most part (so far) the Gentian Violet is working. Yay!!!!



2 comments on “Gentian Violet: My Purple Salvation

  1. Never tried the violet stuff. Just wanted to let you know though that you aren’t crazy. I had thrush with four of my kids while breastfeeding and it seriously is the worst. Once we got past all those issues, things were great, but that hump was a hard one to get over. I’ve heard nothing but good stuff about the purple stuff though (besides the stains). Hang in there.

    • Thanks! I had thrush 4x with my son and I was dreading getting it with my daughter. She is an aggressive eater which makes thrush 10x worse. So far the purple stuff looks like its working but we will see. Thanks for the comment 🙂

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