How I Go Out On A Friday Night

partyI have to admit….as a mom of 2…one 4 month old and a 3 year old I have to admit that I dont go out much. Its not always that I dont have the chance. My friends are going out all the time. Every weekend I look at my Facebook timeline and I see all of these people going out and I think “Do I want to go???….Or do I want to stay home with the kids and enjoy family time???”

And more times than not…I am chosing to spend the time with my family at home. We can go out. We just choose not to. And I think after a month of not going out and letting loose….it starts to get to you. Its like cabin fever. You feel like you have to get out. If you dont you will lose your mind. Then when you do get to go out, all you think about is your kids. You wonder how they are doing. If they are being nice to the sitter. If they are going to bed on time.

Good example: Tonight we went out to eat with a few of my hubby’s friends from work. And we were having fun. We were chatting it up. Well let me rephrase: Thank God for a glass of wine because I was talking. I was so proud of myself. Ok ok ok it also helped that they were easy to talk too. But still. Point being – I dont talk. I am a listener  – not a talker. But tonight I talked. And it did help that there was a girl there. One girl in this group of men. And leave it to me to talk parenting, babies and pregnancy. Poor girl. But lately, I feel like those topics are my life. Maybe in a couple of years I will have something else to talk about but for tonight – that is what she got. At least she nice and easy to talk to. Then a little later I moved over to where the boys were sitting and I listened to them talk sports and I even added my little tid bits. And for the most part my night was full of wine, great food and adult conversation.

But again….in the back of my mind I am wondering how my kids are. I am listening to the guys talk about how Sharpper is pitiful for the nasty manipulative crap he is pulling with these girls who would have given it up anyways because he is an NFL star. So basically he is an idiot and crazy. (I wonder if they ate dinner.) And I even put in my two-cents about Fred Davis getting a DUI (Did thy brush their teeth and go to bed on time?!?!) Then I glance at my phone – which of course has a beautiful picture of my babies on it and I start to swoon. I stare at my beautiful babies and a couple of minutes later I realize that the guy ext to me is apparently talking to me and ha asked me a question. “Oh…um…sorry…what was that again?” Focus!

Then when you get home you hug them and kiss them and stare at them for a good 30 minutes before you realize that you are the crazy mom staring at her babies sleep for 30 minute. Well at least thats usually how I am. Well either that or the hubby comes in and reminds you that the sitter is gone and the kid are asleep – time for mommy/daddy time!

And tonight was no different – except for the fact that we got home at 11pm and both of my kids were still awake. So instead of staring at them in bed…..I was busy brushing teeth, putting them down for bed and getting myself settled. Only to realize that the hubby is now passed out on the couch.

Oh well….I wrote a few words and passed out myself. Goodnight readers. Dream happy dreams.


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