Open letter to the man at the park being assaulted by his toddler

park manDear kind hearted man,

Please know that there are many behavior modifying techniques out there to help train your toddler. You need to recognize that you are not the child. You are the grown up in this situation. The child should not be in control if you.

I hate to break this to you but the baby voice you are spewing to your 4 year old is not working. I would say that Her screaming, pinching, hitting and throwing sand in your face should be a good sign that you should try something else – but I’m not sure if you have picked up on that same observation.

Taking away her toys isn’t enough. Especially since you had to tell her you would take them away at least 10 times in your sweetest little baby voice before she even thought to pay attention to you. And when she did pay attention to you it was to throw more sand in your face.

Please remember – you are the adult – you make the decisions. You need to guide her and help her understand that she needs to respect you. It makes me a little sad for you to even think about how she will be as a teenager. I can just picture her flipping you the bird and lighting up a cigarette as you tell her not to drink booze and to not have sex before marriage. Put your foot down now – while you can.

Please know Mr. Parent at the park….I am by no means telling you to raise your hand to your kid or to beat your kid. But I am however telling you to put a little bass in your voice. Do something…because the “something” you are doing…isn’t working.

Don’t let your 4 year old raise you.




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