My 20 Year Love Story

photoI cant believe that its been 20 years since I have been with my husband. We have been through a lot in those 20 years. Good, bad, great….there have been a lot of tests but through it all we have stayed strong. And we have stayed madly in love!

We met in high school. I knew we were meant to be as soon as I saw him. He walked into my science class as a new student and he glanced around the room. I was in love. Maybe it was puppy love but in my eyes it was forever. I elbowed my friends Erika and gleamed at this handsome boy that jut walked in to my class. My eyes were huge and gawking at the boy and I think my smile was even bigger. His eyes finally landed on me and Erika and he smiled. And as soon as he smiled I knew. That was it. I was a goner. That beautiful smile melted my heart. I didn’t know his name. I never said a word to him. But I knew. He was going to be mine (whether he knew it or not). And as fate would have it…..he sat next to us in class. We got to know each other. We passed notes daily. And the more I got to know him – the more I knew it was meant to be. But in his eyes…not so much.

He was always honest with me. I knew that he liked me. But I also knew that he was a player. He liked women (girls back then). And A LOT OF THEM. He didn’t want to hurt me or hurt our friendship so we never dated. We stayed friends. For 3 years. My feelings never faltered. And I don’t think his did either. But we never acted on them. I was going to take him however I could. If all I could have was friendship – then that was what I would take.

I patiently waited.

Ok. Ok. Ok. In my eyes…I patiently waited. But if you ask the many girlfriends that he had during those 3 years…they wont say that I “patiently” waited. I will admit that I harassed a few of them and bullied a few of them. Toward the 3rd year…..I basically tried to end all of those relationships. I figured – I waited long enough. And if I cant have him than I don’t want them to rub it in my face that they can.

Well I think he finally had enough of my harassment when his last girlfriend ran out of the bathroom – ran past him – and yelled, crying…. “we have to break up!” I WILL NOT admit that my friend and I came out of the same bathroom a couple minute later….laughing and feeling accomplished. I WILL NOT. I will however say that he gave in not too long after that incident. (I say with a HUGE smile on my face.) I think it also didn’t help that my older sister went to our track meet and questioned him on “why he wont date me?” – knowing that we both liked each other. MADNESS I TELL YA!! He didn’t have a chance! hahahahaha

So finally…after 3 years…..I got my chance.

There is some argument as to “when” we got together and “who asked who”.  I mean – hello – its been 20 years… we play it safe and say it was Valentines Day 1994. We know for a fact we were together then.

We were standing in the quad at high school and we were hugging. I tried to kiss him and I got denied. He said….”I don’t kiss people I am not dating.” And I replied….”Fine! Then we are dating.” And it was done. We were dating and kissing. And it was Valentines Day. We were both broke high schoolers so needles to say the gifts we exchanged were cheap…..but the kicker is….we got each other the SAME EXACT GIFT!!!! Every time we think about that we laugh and we are reminded that even then…we were on the same page. And me being the sentimist that I am – I still have those stuffed lips. Gotta love Valentines Day gifts!

And we have been together ever since!!!


4 comments on “My 20 Year Love Story

  1. That’s my girl for ya. Learned a few forceful moves from her sister. Glad that was all you picked up from her. Too bad I didn’t offer much ack then. I love you both so much and thank GOD for you two everyday. HE kne
    w what HE was doing when HE put you together. Beautiful loving couple.

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