Butt Juice On Your Face

towelYesterday my son and I were playing in the play room when all of a sudden he had to pee. So he got up and ran to the bathroom. Ok more like sprinted to the bathroom. I didn’t think anything of it because he always holds it til the last minute.  A few minutes go by and I start to worry. Not that he fell in the toilet or anything. He three. My worry is that he was destroying something.

So I yell from the other room:
“Babe…what are you doing?”
“Nusing” (“nothing” for those of you that don’t translate toddler talk)

A few more minutes go by and still no D.  So i ask again:
“Babe…what are you doing?”
“Nusing” – as I hear clink, clink clunk and water going and stopping.

Then he walks back into the play room pulling up his pants.  And I say again:
“Baby…what were you doing?”
“Ummmmm….I put water on my butt?

Huh? I was totally confused. I mean he wasn’t wet or anything. He looked dry to me. So I asked him to explain:
“What do you mean you put water on your butt? Did you put your hand in the water and then put it in your butt?”
“Did you put water in tissue and use that on your butt?”

I was still confused so I got up to go look.
“Ok. I’m confused. How did you put water in your butt?”
“I used this.” – as he points to the black towel on the counter.
Ahhhhhhh gross!!!!! (I thought to myself)
“Oh no baby. It’s ok that you used this towel but if you do that…then please don’t put your the towel back on the counter…ok.”

He looked a little ashamed like he did something wrong…so I had to clarify.
“Baby. This was daddy’s face towel and you just cleaned your butt with it. And because you put it on the counter daddy might think that he can use it again on his face. And that would be gross……”

He looked a little baffled…..so I say….
“No one wants butt juice on their face right???”

And now he looks disgusted……
“No!!!” “Eeewwww”

Enough said!


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