I got a new computer!!!


I am so very happy to say that I now have my own computer. Yay!!! A couple of years ago my hubby and I went out to get computers. The ones we had were ancient. They would have problems loading, not enough memory, not enough hard drive space, etc. So we saved up some money and decided that both of us would get a computer.

Well he got an HP laptop with all the fixings. And I decided that I would go with an iPad instead of a traditional PC. I thought – hey if I need to write a document or edit pictures then I will just use his computer. At the time I was only using the computer for games and internet. I didn’t blog back then. So I went with the iPad. It had everything that I needed. Plus I already had the iPhone and the iPod….so why not make it all three.

All was fine and dandy until my son got here. Then he took over my iPad. It was all toddler learning games and Netflix. Pretty much the machine no longer belonged to me. I would have to beg to use my own computer. For a while I just got used to only using the computer when the boy went to bed. Then I started getting into blogging. Which meant I needed a computer that I could type on. The iPad wasn’t that great to type on. I could but I would swipe the screen the wrong way and delete all of my typing. It was so frustrating. So I started using my hubby’s computer. I could type on a Word Doc. I could manipulate photos. Make collages. Type words on the photos. It was great. But then he started to get angry because I kept stealing his computer.

Well that was getting annoying. He would bitch and complain – “Well…you are the one that chose an iPad. Its not my fault it doesn’t type well.” Then I would have to retort – “WELL…its not my fault your son took over my iPad. I cant even attempt to write on it.”

This got old.

So as soon as I got some money….I told him I was getting my own computer! And it happened!!!! I got my computer yesterday. I am so so so so happy. I don’t have to share. I have tons of hard drive space that I can use how I want. It has a touchscreen – so its like the iPad. It has windows 8 (which takes some getting used to). Now I just have to download my Office program so I can write on something other than a notepad….and I am set.

I am just happy that I don’t have to share and I wont get yelled at anymore.


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