Back Pain

Man oh man! I am in so much pain right now. I am trying not to cry every 5 minutes but that is getting harder and harder to pull off. My herniated disc is hurting so bad right now. Ive been icing it and taking Tylenol but neither is helping.

backpainAnd a quick recap for those of you that don’t know me….I found out that I had a herniated disc in my L4-L5 junction about 2 years ago. It was right after I had my son. I was working out and my back was feeling super tender. I was doing my due-diligence in the gym…working off the baby fat…and I was doing the bootcamp that the gym offered. I loved it. I was doing it 2-3 times a week (on top of my regular work out). Well one day I was going through the motions….jumps for 2 minutes….wall stance for 2 minutes…plank for 2 minutes….so on and so on. I got to the plank and within 1 minute in I fell to the floor. I didn’t know what the hell was going on. All I knew was my back was hurting sooooo bad. I couldn’t describe the pain. I left bootcamp half way through. I was in so much pain. I took some Ibuprofen and I iced my back for a couple days. And when that didn’t help I figured – ok now its time to see a specialist.

I went to the orthopedic surgeon who sent me to get an MRI. I get the MRI and surprise surprise…I have a small herniation on disc L4-L5. I went through the motions…physical therapy, NSAIDs, icing my back, etc. Nothing was helping. So the next non-surgical approach was injections. And with the pain being at a 10 everyday I was all for it. It was pretty much an epidural for back pain rather than giving birth. Except the medicine stays there for longer. For some people the medicine lasts for a month or so and they go back for more (a max of 3 shots a year) and for some it lasts a year or longer. It all depends on the person. Well…I was one of the lucky ones. It lasted about a year and a half for me. I didn’t start having back pain again until I was about 7 months pregnant with my daughter. My ortho warned me before I got preggers, “Expect the pain. You cant take any meds since you will be pregnant, you can only exercise so much when you are pregnant, and with the extra weight you are bound to have pains again. You will just have to deal with it until you have the baby.”

Well he was right. 7 months in and the pain came back. Luckily it was only about a 7 on the pain scale. And I have a pretty high pain tolerance – so I was able to do most things even though my pain scale was at a 7.  Then I had the baby and the pain went away. I thought – SWEET – no weight equals no pain. But I was wrong. The pain only subsided. I started working out again and BAM!! The pain was back! And with a vengeance! I have been at a pain level of 10 almost every day. I actually have tears in my eyes as I write this. I went to see my ortho again and he said –  “You cant take any meds since you are breastfeeding.  All you can have is Tylenol, Tylenol and Tylenol. You can only exercise when you are not in pain.  But at least you were trying. That’s what counts.  We are going to order another MRI to make sure it’s the same injury and it hasn’t gotten worse. And then we will schedule you for the injections again.”

So here I am…waiting patiently for my insurance to call me and say “yes you were approved for the MRI.” So I can make my appointment to get my injections. I just want this pain to go away. I want to be able to work out again. I want to lose this baby weight. I need to look good for bikini season. Shoot….I need this body to look good since I have this scar down my belly. I need to do what I can to not be so self-conscious in a bathing suit. And I am not the type to wear a one piece. Or the mom bathing suits. I will wear a bikini for as long as I can.

So I am praying to the time gods and asking to get my MRI approve quickly…so I can get my injections and start working out again…and getting my body back to what I want to see.

Please hurry! Thanks!


2 comments on “Back Pain

  1. Well that sounds pretty horrible! I hope you feel better and are approved for the injections quickly. Rock what you got! lol..I am 26 and have never worn a bikini publicly..I’m a one piece lady lol. Maybe I will have to add wearing a bikini to my bucket list!!

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