Baking Failures

I love to bake. For me its like a release. I feel better when I bake. It makes me happy. I don’t like to eat it all…that would just make me fat. Of course it sometimes happens….but I try to avoid it. But I love to bake. It is my favorite hobby. It makes me feel good. I like to smell it as its baking. I like to use my creativity to create something that not only looks good but tastes great. And my most favorite thing that I get out of baking is having someone taste it and give me praise for how great it tastes. Or hearing the “Mmmmmmmm” sound as they take a bite.

But lately…that hasn’t been happening. Lately my baking has sucked! Let me rephrase. It hasn’t just sucked…its been an epic failure. One failure after another.

My Gingerbread Sandwich Cookies were a failure. (see my other post about those ones! ) But a week or so ago I tried to make a smores bar. And it didn’t work. Or maybe it did. I am not sure. I have never really had a bar like this before. So if the top half is supposed to be like cooked mush…then that part of it was done right….it just tasted nasty. And the bottom (yellow cookie crust) ended up turning to a brown chunk of hard cookie that you cant bite through.  I ended up cooking it too long because the top wouldn’t cook. It was still wet mush toward the end of the 20 minutes that it was cooking so I ended up adding 5-10 minutes at a time while checking to see if its done. It ended up staying in the oven for 50 minutes. Yes that’s right! That’s what I said…..50 minutes!!!!!  The top was cooked mush and the bottom was burnt cookie. Not good.

smoreAnd that one tasted so bad that I am not even going to post the recipe. Yes the picture might look good but it wasnt. The brown on the bottom was supposed to be yellow. The middle was supposed to be brown and the white on top is white chocolate. The only part that came out good was the white chocolate. But then again I am just swirling melted chocolate on top….how do you F**** that up!

And after that failure I was still craving sugar. And I was also needing a re-do. So I decided to make fudge. Thanks to breastfeeding – chocolate is my # 1 fan. So I made it and as I am putting it in the fridge it already looks a little dry. It doesn’t look like it will melt in your mouth as soon as you take a bite. Then I thought….well…I will let it sit in the fridge and settle. I will take it out in a couple of hours to check and make sure it came out right. Well…it didn’t. It was as hard as a rock. It was one big hard chunk of chocolate. It was so bad that I didn’t take a picture. I was so pissed that I threw it away.

I swear the baking gods hate me! I still want something chocolate! So I have resorted to the one dessert that I KNOW I cant f*** up. Oreo Balls! Oreo balls are so easy that a kid can make them. And I did. I made them and I ate them. I pretty much ate them all. Maybe it was because it took me a couple weeks to make something good….or maybe its because I am breastfeeding and I crave chocolate more now than I ever have…..but I ate the whole thing! It has been 2 days since I made them and there are only 5 left. Can you say OINK! Terrible. I did Zumba today just so I can eat some Oreo Balls. Pitiful!

All I know is I really need to get better at this baking thing. I would like to take a couple of baking classes. I don’t want a baking certificate or anything but I would like to actually know what I am doing. Especially because I love it so much. Maybe I will have to add that to my resolutions list.

Fingers crossed – my next baking adventure wont be as bad…. (here’s to hoping!)


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