My Scars…

My body hates me. Or maybe its my genetics that are against me. Either way…there are way too many things that have been going wrong with my body. The older I get the more that goes wrong. (Thanks MOM!!)  In this post I am talking about my scars. Not my emotional scars. That is for another day. Another long day. Today I am talking about my surgical scars. Man, are they touchy! Almost 10 weeks after my surgery and I still cant wear pants without them hurting.

During my last surgery my OB was nice enough to go in and fix my scar. And for those of you that don’t know…..when I was pregnant with Little D, I had an ovarian cyst that was growing bigger than he was. It was taking all of the hormones that he needed to grow inside me….so they (all of my doctors) felt that it needed to come out. So when I was 4 months pregnant I had surgery to remove the cyst. The surgery was done by an oncologist and they don’t do laparoscopic. They do exploratory surgeries. So I got a vertical incision from the belly button to the pubic bone. And a couple weeks after the surgery the surgical glue was gone and the incision reopened and it didn’t help that I had a growing belly with a baby beneath it.

Well that scar finally healed and it was indented and about 1 ½ inches wide. My new OB saw the scar when I was pregnant again and she gasped. She was so upset that my old OB let that happen to me. So she decided that when I have my C-section that she will go in and fix it for me. And she did! They did a nice job. The cut was a little crooked but it was still better than 1 ½ inches wide. The line for the cut was just as thin as the C-section cut. But as time went on…the scar got a little wider. The incision didn’t open. The scar just got wider. It got wider and started to puff out like a tube. And it was very pink. And it was so damn sensitive!!!

I assumed I had a keloid scar. It was pink, in the shape of a tube, and it was super sensitive. But then I looked it up and apparently there is another type of scar that is similar to a keloid. The other scar is called a hypertrophic scar. They are similar with only a small difference….the keloid keeps growing. And now that I see the difference between the two scars, I am assuming that I have a hypertrophic scar. It is painful to the touch, VERY pink, and the puffiness is restricted to the incision site.

scar collageHypertrophic scar – thick scar, tube shape, redder/pinker than a keloid, itchy, tender, does not get bigger than the injury site, and it will subdue (go away) on its own…most likely in a year or so

Keloid scar – thick scar, red/pink, itchy, tender, and starts as a tube shape but gets bigger, does not stop growing and doesn’t go away on its own 

I was also looking into physical therapy for hypertrophic scars and they say that if you massage the scar the puffiness will eventually go down and you will de-sensitize it. So I am giving that a try. We will see if it works. I have been massaging the scar for a couple weeks now and parts of it are flattening out. So I will keep massaging and I will let you all know in a few months how the scar is progressing.


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