My First Day Back

For the last few weeks I have been dreading going back to work. My goal was to not go back to work and be a full time mom. The original plan was to stay at home with the baby until February and then see where we stand with the whole “no working” thing. But our travel plans put a halt to that idea. If we wanted to do any of the traveling that we have been talking about doing – then I would need to go back. Sooner than we expected. I was hoping that if I did have to go back at all…then it would be in February – but that didn’t work out as planned. Our first trip we are talking about taking is in March…therefore I needed to go back to work in January to make sure we aren’t pushing the pocket book to the limit.

Well…today was my first day back. And man was it a doosy! I think God was testing me to make sure that I wouldn’t lose it. He wanted to show me that I can handle being a working mom. And I have to say…I may be alive and my kids are alive…and the world didn’t end – but the day didn’t come without stress and impatience.

Sick BabiesNot only did I come back to a back flow of work at the office…and me trying to remember how to do everything. But last night my son was sick with a slight fever and he woke up with the same 99.5 fever. It was only 99 but I didn’t want to send him to school so he could be passing it around. So I kept him home. We gave him some meds and, man oh man, do those meds fool the kids brains into thinking they are ok. I am trying to work and the boy is jumping up and down, screaming and laughing, pulling at my chair, trying anything to get me to pay attention to him. To play games with him. To entertain him. But I just couldn’t. So this is how my day went:

Boy:  “Im fine mom. Im not sick. I wanna go to the park.”

Me: “Just because you feel ok right now doesn’t mean that you are not still sick. You still have a fever.”

Then, of course, he goes over to his sister and tries to give her kisses….

Me: “Babe…Just because you feel ok right now doesn’t mean that you are not still sick. You cant be near sister…you might get her sick. We don’t want sister to feel sick too do we?!…”

Boy:  “No. okkkkkk……”

20 minutes later…..

Boy:  “Mom I cold.”

Me: “Put your shirt back on.”

All day long…..

Boy:  “Mom I cold.”

Me: “Put a sweater on. Or Put your socks on. Or get under the blanket.”

Boy:  “I don’t want to.”

Me: “Then stop telling me your cold. You don’t want to do anything about it… you will just be cold then.”

Add to that his sister is crying and wanting to eat. Then I feel her head and she feels warm. I take her temp and she is 100.2. I call the doc office and they tell me that if she gets to 100.5 then I can give her Tylenol and if any of her behaviors change (fussier, cant sleep, wont eat, etc.) then I can take her to Urgent Care. If none of those things happen and she is still with the fever tomorrow (because of her age – 9 weeks) then we can take her to the doctor to make sure she is ok.

Then I finally get her to sleep and the boy looks at me with watery eyes and says “I feel sick.” And in my mind I think “Uh oh…he must feel bad…he is actually admitting that he feels sick”. So I got get the thermometer to take his temp. I ask him where he wants it – under the arm, in the mouth or in the butt. He cringes at me and says… “EEEWWWW…NOT IN MY BUTT!!!” I laugh and knowing that the armpit is the least accurate one…I tell him that it will only have to go in his butt if he cant hold it under his tongue. And by golly….he held it under his tongue. haha  It was all laughing and joking until I see that his temp has now gone up. He is now at 100.4 (even though he has been on meds). So give him more meds and he passes out.

I finally get a break from work and kids (since both are sleeping) to write this post…but I write it wearily….knowing that I have to do it all over again tomorrow. I really doubt they will both be healed overnight.



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