Merry Christmas

merry christmasThis year the holidays seemed to come and go like the blink of an eye. It still feels like it should be April or May. Granted I was pregnant all year and limited in what I can do…and toward the end of the pregnancy I was complaining that time is going slow…the year still flew by. And the holidays….those were a big blur.

It didn’t used to be that way. I used to be a holiday enthusiast. I grew up celebrating EVERY holiday. Every holiday I would wake up to a gift (usually small) but still something to tell me – today is special. Different holidays brought out different parts to us. There was church, feeding the homeless, big family get togethers, house parties, and I don’t think I will ever forget every Christmas morning my mom would be dressed up like Mrs. Claus (in an outfit that was way too small for her so her ass would hang out the bottom) and she would hand out the gifts. Ahh the memories. There are so many stories I could tell but that would be another (long) post.

Over the years my enthusiasm has faded. It could be because when I got with my hubby he didn’t celebrate the way we did. Or it could just be that I gave up. Im not sure about that one yet. There was no going to church or feeding the homeless. Not because we didn’t believe in God….it was just that we didn’t go. There was no spending money….mainly because we didn’t have any. We started brand new. We were 17 and we moved to a different state. We started over with nothing to our name. So it took years to be able to get things like Christmas trees or any kind of décor for the house. And it didn’t help that my hubby wasn’t into that kind of stuff. So I was the only one wishing I had more. Which also doesn’t make it easy when you go buy something for the house or you give a gift and the hubby says “Why?” instead of “That looks nice.” or “Thanks!”.  So for quite a few years there…I gave up on all holidays. I didn’t celebrate. Those days were treated like any other.

Then we finally started having the “kids” talk and things changed. We decided to start trying to have kids and we both agreed that we wanted our kids to enjoy the holidays. We wanted them to get the most out each holiday and enjoy it for what it is. So I slowly started buying décor for the house. I started to feel good about decorating again. We finally had lights on the house for Christmas. We have yet to go to church or feed the homeless. And we are still a little green on explaining what each holiday means to the kids but we have to start somewhere. (hey give me a break…my son is only 3…he just barely figured out who Santa was!).  And so far, Thanksgiving and Christmas are the only big holidays we are celebrating….but….we have to start somewhere.

And now that we actually have kids….we have a decorated house, a tree with actual ornaments on it, gifts under the Christmas tree, a big family dinner, and we are all thankful we are together.  To me that’s what make holidays great. Family and friends spending quality time together…and being thankful for what we have.

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you all enjoy your holidays!


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