Growth Spurts Are Exhausting

I almost forgot how exhausting growth spurts are. Not sure how you can forget something like that. Depending on who you ask…the growth spurts happen at different times. The different timeframes are similar but could be about a week off. (And keep in mind that all babies are different.)

The schedules you will find online will be:

1-2 week

4-6 weeks OR 6-8 weeks

3 months

6 months

9 months

For my daughter, the schedule was a little more intrusive than that. She may not have grown per say but she definitely wanted to increase my milk. And I only say “may not” have grown because we haven’t had a doc appointment to prove it. But I can tell you that she had a growth spurt at 2 weeks and again at 8 weeks.

1 week – she wanted to increase my milk supply

2 week – increase milk AND growth spurt. Doc says she gained 3 pounds by week 2.

4 weeks – she wanted to increase my milk supply

6 weeks – she wanted to increase my milk supply

8 weeks – increase milk AND growth spurt

And on week 8 I say growth spurt again because I now remember what this felt like. I will weigh her in a couple of days to find out for sure….but I definitely wouldn’t be able to forget this feeling.

Growth spurts are good because you get to see your baby grow. You get to see them not only get longer but you will see the chubby cheeks arrive. They plump up and it is so darn cute. And on the plus side….the growth spurt only lasts a couple of days.

The list of negatives is short but has a big impact:

  • It is draining
  • The baby is hungry every hour (rather than every 3 hours).
  • The baby is cranky and fussy ALL the time.
  • The baby doesn’t sleep well (for naps and at night).
  • And if they are sleeping through the night….that will be over (only for a couple days though).

And if you are breastfeeding then you have an extra list of “when will this end…I need my sleep!”:

  • Every time they eat, they will drain you of your nutrients. So you need to eat and drink more on these days. Especially water. This will make sure you have enough energy to finish out the day.
  • Every time they eat it makes you tired. As I mentioned in a previous post….when they eat it releases a hormone in your body that makes you relax and you get sleepy. So you will be sleepy all day long.
  • And when they wake up more often in the middle of the night YOU will add a little more exhaustion to your already tired brain. Just when you were able to get 5-6 hours of sleep at a time….BAM! they want to eat every 1-3 hours. Its like they are just out of the womb all over again. DRAINING!

So not only are you extra hungry…which could also make you feel extra fat…you are sleepy so it makes you feel like you cant get anything done and you are like a walking zombie (dead to life). But you always have a baby stuck to your boob.

Not my favorite part of the walk of life…..


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