Cradle Cap Rash

I cant tell the difference?!?! And the internet was no help!

There are too many selections for what could be wrong with my babies face. We woke up a couple weeks ago and the right side of my babies face had a rash on it. It looked a little like baby acne so I didn’t think anything of it. Then about 3 days later it spread. All of a sudden the rash was on her whole face and on the edges of her scalp. This made me think maybe it’s a heat rash.  Then the next day it was on her face, scalp, ears and neck.

I was starting to get worried. Its winter here in Arizona (which means 80 deg during the day and 30 deg at night). So at night I would have her in a pant-onsie and bundled in 2-3 blankets. Maybe I had her too bundled up. So I started remove blankets so see if she would still be warm at night and lose the rash. Well another couple days go by and she seemed to still be warm but the rash was still there.

Then came the decision….do you go to the pediatrician for a rash or do you wait it out.  I looked online and even though there were a few things that it could be they all say just to wait it out…it will heal on its own. But in my mind…I still wanted to know. I need to know what is wrong with my baby. Is it something I can fix or something I can stop from doing to make it go away or is this just a part of being a baby. There were so many to choose from….especially because they all look the same. Mind you…I got all of these pictures from the internet and all from random sights explaining what these rashes are and what they look like.face rashThey all look the same!! Dawn it! I was so worried that it could be a heat rash or an allergic reaction. The problem was that I was trying my damnedest to prevent it from being either one of those. I was reducing the amount of blankets at night. Even though my baby loves being warm. You wrap her in a blanket and she falls asleep like a narcoleptic. I was also using the hypoallergenic laundry soap and body soap. I learned that from my son. His skin was sensitive and he would get a body rash all the time. If anything with a perfume in it touched his skin he was one big rash. So there was no more random soaps. We had to start him on Cetaphil body soap and the whole family has to use the dye/perfume free laundry soap. And with all of those changes…I don’t think it could be an allergic reaction. Plus its only on her face and head…not where the actual clothes are.

And because of all my confusion and being unsure…. I decided to ask the pediatrician.

We go into the office for another reason but towards the end of the appointment I casually ask him….

“Also…she has this rash on her face…”

He responded before I could even finish…

“Oh yeah….that’s cradle cap rash. You can either put hydrocortisone cream on it but if its not bothering her then you can leave it alone and it will go away on its own.”

Ok then. Cradle Cap Rash it is!  I wish it wasn’t so hard to decipher on my own.


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