C-Section: My Experience

I have to admit…there was a good reason for me to have the c-section this time around. But after having the c-section….I prefer to deliver vaginally.

Reason for the C-Section

With my first baby I was induced and I had an epidural. It was 9 hours of labor and only the last 15 minutes of it was pushing. And mind you….I only had to push for 15 minutes because my doctor (who was known as the “cut king”) gave me a 4th degree episiotomy. Which I realized later was the worse thing I could have had happen.

Well the episiotomy was just the beginning of my troubles. It caused me to have to go to physical therapy for 6 months to train my “downstairs” muscles to work again. I got a cystocele (bladder prolapse)….meaning that delivering my son tore up the walls of my vajay and the walls in my vajay could no longer hold my bladder in place so it started to drop into my vajay. It was only a moderate prolapse. Thank God…because I think I would have lost it if my insides started to fall out of my vajay. Gross!!! Then to top it all off….I got a herniated disc in my lower back.

So the c-section was an easy choice for me to make. My “downstairs” muscles work but not to the power that I will need them too to deliver a baby. My herniated disc hinders my ability to curve my back the way you need to when you are delivering a baby. I could do it but I will probably need back surgery after. And the walls of my vajay are not strong enough to hold in my insides now…let alone after another child is pushed through there. So a c-section it was.

C-Section Experience

As for the c-section…it was scary and disconnected. They took me into this room where it was just me and all the nurses and doctors. I saw them preparing my body (like you see on the tv). They are all talking and gossiping as they do it. Some of them are talking about the fact that they are finishing up a 24 hour shift and that they are going to work again after only having a few hours off. Then they gave me the spinal meds (not during a contraction mind you)…so I got stabbed in the back and they tell you that you cant move. SO I FELT THE WHOLE THING! Then they laid me on the table. And as I am waiting for the meds to kick in…they continue talking to eachother. I slowly start to feel a tingling feeling from my back to my toes. Finally they let my hubby come in and they put a paper wall up between my face and my tummy. The wall was a little close to my face…so when people weren’t paying attention…the paper would cover my face making it difficult to breathe. Every once in a while they asked if I was ok. I would say yes but in my head I think I was panicking. I could feel my eyes jumping from one thing to the next. Trying to focus on anything that I could stare at but I was not successful at that.  And all I could think was “This is weird. Whats going on? I cant feel anything. What if something goes wrong?”

Then all of a sudden it begins. I felt tugging on my body. My body is moving like they are pulling me apart. I cant see anything. I just feel like they are pulling me off the table. (which I found out later from the hubby that the doctor and the nurse were pulling my muscle apart so they can reach in and pull out the baby). Then I hear the baby cry which was the most beautiful sound I have ever heard. And right after the baby is pulled out. She is taken over to the baby table. Cleaned off and they call over my hubby to cut the cord. He comes over to my head for what seems to be about 30 seconds. Puts her in my face and says meet your daughter. Then they take a picture of the 3 of us and then my baby disappears again. They take the baby and do all of her tests. And while they are doing the baby tests I am still being worked on. In a normal c-sec this would be the time that they close me up. But I was having extra things done so this process took a little longer.

My OB started to remove the cyst from my ovary. At first she wasn’t sure if she could remove the cyst and keep the ovary. But she dove in anyways….and she was able to do it. 2nd surgery down!! On to the next. Now it was time for her to tie my tubes. 3rd surgery down!!! And now its time for her to do my scar revision. (she fixed the scar that the last OB surgeon left on my tummy) She had to remove about 1 inch of skin from my tummy and pull the skin together. 4th surgery down!!! As its time for me to be closed up they ask my hubby if he wants to go with the baby to our room and I will meet them in there when they are done closing my tummy up. Keep in mind…I have only seen my daughter for maybe 30 seconds. And now my hubby is gone…and my daughter is gone…and again I am in this room with a paper wall that keeps slowly migrating over my face. Finally they are done with the surgery and I am able getting cleaned up. They are waiting for glue to dry which seems to take FOREVER!  They finally roll me into the room with my hubby and my baby and my anxiety finally disappears. I see my wonderful hubby and my beautiful baby girl and all my worry goes away. Plus I was a little loopy from the meds. But I had forgotten that I was anxious and sad and confused and disconnected and alone. And I was finally there with my family. I felt whole again.

Post Surgery

And of course I cant have a surgery or some kind of medical thing happen without some kind of issue. So leave it to me….to find out that I am allergic to surgical tape (after the fact). I go home and I have a rash with hives all over my tummy in the shapes of strips of tape. And then a few days after I am home…I get PUP. This is a rash that most “pregnant” women get. (and of course I get it AFTER I have the baby) This is a rash that starts at the belly button and works its way over your tummy and down the thighs.  Yay!! I win!!!

I was going to add a picture of the scars and the hives from my tummy…but i figured that no one wanted to see that…so I refrained.

Sarcasm aside….I had all of the surgeries that I wanted (in one swoop). I didn’t like the experience of a c-section but I did get a beautiful daughter out of it. And I did get some side effects of the surgery but in the end it was all worth it.


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