The Challenge Of A Newborn and Back-Sleeping

The last couple weeks have been torturous at night. During the day my 2 week old baby girl has been sleeping great. She sleeps for 2-3 hours….wakes up to feed and then goes back to sleep. We have no such luck at night. We went through the whole “baby thinks night time is day time” thing…and she is over that. It’s the “sleeping on the back” thing that is the issue.

Preventing SIDS rules:

  • No sleeping on the tummy because the baby can turn their head and suffocate.
  • No side sleeping because the baby can roll over and suffocate.
  • No co-sleeping because the parent can roll over on top of the baby and suffocate them OR the baby could overheat from too many blankets OR adult beds are too soft making it easy for the baby to roll over and suffocate.
  • The baby is supposed to sleep on their back until they learn to roll over themselves. Then you start them on their back and if they roll over then they roll over. This usually happens around 3-4 months old.

When we are together in the front room (and I am awake and sitting next to her) she will sleep on her tummy in the fetal position for hours. Problem is that we are not supposed to let her sleep on her tummy if we cant watch her. So at night I have tried everything. I cannot get her to sleep on her back. I read that when they sleep on their tummy in the fetal position it is comforting because its similar to the womb. So when you swaddle them you should be able to lay them on their back because they are still in the fetal position. Well I have tried that. I tried the blanket wrap you do in the hospital. I have tried the swaddleme blanket. And neither way worked. One night…she likes her lags wrapped but not her arms. And the next night…she doesn’t like to be wrapped up at all.SWADDLE1

So I have not been getting any sleep because from 11-3 and sometimes 11-1 I have been trying to figure out her patterns. I have been trying to figure out how she likes to sleep…what makes her comfortable. Laying on her back…laying on her side…swaddling the whole body…swaddling the legs only…swaddling the arms only….ANYTHING! And I cant figure it out. As soon as I put her down she wakes up and cries.  So I have been giving up around 1 or 3 (depending on the night) and I have been sleeping with her. I will sleep with her on my chest for 2-3 hours and then feed her and the next 3 hours will be on daddy’s chest. Then I have gotten to where she is sleeping in the crick of my shoulder. She will be propped up so I know she wont suffocate. And the last couple nights she has been in my bed and we face each other in a V position. Her legs will be cuddled into my tummy and she will be in the side lying position. Then when she moves or whines I hear it and wake up.

And I know that SIDS advocates are reading this and cringing….but I need my sleep. She is only 2 weeks old. I am trying to find the right way to cuddle her so that she will at least sleep the 2-3 hours at a time. So at least I am trying. I know that her sleeping in my bed is bad but I can only stay awake so long. I try to take naps during the day but I cant. My body just wont let me. I have never been a napper though. I will just lay there and close my eyes…but my brain wont shut down….so it’s a wasted attempt. Although I have to admit that yesterday I think my body had enough…because as soon as my hubby and my son left for the park….I passed out. The baby was asleep in the bassinet and my mom was reading her book so it was nice and quiet. And I passed out. I think I slept for an hour and a half. It was great! It felt so good. It was like I was rejuvenated. Oh glorious sleep….where have you been all my life….or at least the last 2 weeks.

I have to remind myself that patience is the key. I need to sleep when I can. I am hoping that I find her sleep comfort zone and soon.

Positive thoughts….


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