38 weeks and 3 days


This last week has been rough. I’m not even sure where to start. And yes I know….majority of woman go through these problems and every pregnancy is different for all women but I am going to complain anyways. I think I will start by doing a small comparison.

I was induced for my first pregnancy at 38 weeks and 6 days. I didn’t have to feel any of the normal labor symptoms for my first pregnancy. I had no Braxton hicks. I dropped at 36 weeks and that was it. No pain. No symptoms. Just my tummy dropping and of course the normal uncomfortable feeling of too much weight and not wanting to be pregnant anymore. You know…that normal feeling we all get the last 4 weeks of being pregnant.

So for this pregnancy….everything has been a new experience.

I am 38 weeks and 3 days today. For the last 3 days things have been a little rough. I have felt some strong contractions….the real ones that go from your back to your tummy. I was actually in active labor and 37 weeks 6 days. I went to the hospital and I was in active labor for about 3 hours. I became dilated to 3 cm and then it stopped. My body changed its mind. So they sent me home. They said that if it comes back that strong to go back to the hospital.
Well the thing is…with this pregnancy I have decided to do a c-section. I am scheduled for nov 5. But if she decides to come early then they will do the surgery early. Problem is…there is a rule at the hospital. They will only allow a c-sec to happen if you are 39 weeks (which I am not) OR if you are in active labor and your cervix is continuously changing (while mine stopped at 3). So for me…I’m stuck dealing with days of intermittent active labor. It has happened 2x now. Active labor for 1-3 hours and then it stops. What kind of crap is that?!?!?!?!?

So while I wait at home I go through the list of symptoms of labor and count down the ones I have:

  • Lightning: check – my tummy dropped a long time ago
  • Passing the mucus plug – check – this happened in 2 steps. I lost part of it at 30 weeks when I had the car accident, went into labor and dilated to 1cm. Then I lost the rest of it at 38 weeks when I went to the hospital, went into labor and dilated to 3cm.
  • Dilation/effacement – when I was at the hospital they told me that I was now 50% effaced and 3 cm external and 1 cm internal. And to be honest with you…I didn’t know there were 2 different dilations. I always heard of 1 but now apparently they tell you both. Talk about confusing!! So the nurse tells me I need to come back if my cervix changes at all. Ok…..well 1st how am I suppose to know if my cervix changes! I can’t put my hand up there to figure it out. And 2nd what does “change” mean???? She gave me 3 different numbers…so what exactly has to change??? Her response was…any if it. You could change from 50% to 100% effaced. You could change from 1 cm internal to 2 cm internal or 3 cm external/1cm internal to 4 cm external/2cm internal. Change is change. Then they can do my surgery early. Im still not sure how I can tell if my cervix changes while I am at home…other than counting strong contractions….but whatever!!!!
  • Contractions – check – I have had my fair share of contractions. I have had weak and strong Braxton hicks contractions since 30 weeks (the accident). Then a couple days ago I started having the real ones…(back to tummy)….knock you on your ass ones….unable to move or breathe ones….yeah I’ve had those.
  • Water breaking – nope – ok….so out of all the signs and symptoms of active labor I have not had 1.

So I sit here waiting patiently for my cervix to “apparently” change or for my labor pains to last longer than an hour or for my water to break.

Problem is…..I’m not a very patient person……


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