Not so happy about his little sister coming….

My poor little boy knows that something is happening. He knows that his little sister is coming soon (in like days) and he is showing it. He is acting out. He is definitely acting a little different. Im not sure if he thinks things are going to change…or if he feels like we will spend less time with him but that is the way he is acting.

During my whole pregnancy he has been great. He said he loved her. He couldnt wait to meet her. He talked to my belly all the time. He would rub it and talk to it and hug it. And this last week has been a total different story.

He has been acting like a true toddler (which he hasn’t been before). He says No to me when I ask him to do something. He throws tantrums. He cries over everything. He fights me on everything. And I know that some of you reading this are saying to yourself, “sounds like the terrible 2’s to me.” But honestly…for him this is different. He never did that before. And then the week that his little sister is due to be here…he starts acting out. Sounds to me like he knows that change is coming and hes not too happy about it.

Then to top it all off….he has been asking me to do things that he knows I cant do right now because I am pregnant. He will ask me to pick him up and then I tell him that I cant because he is too heavy and I have his sister in my tummy. And then I go on to explain that after I have his little sister – then I can pick him and hold him like he wants me to. Then he proceeds with “I don’t want my sister. I don’t want her here.” And then he cries. And it’s the same exact story when he wants to play a game that I cant play. He will want to run around and have me chase him and then we go through the same conversation ending in “I don’t want my sister. I don’t want her here.”

Now I understand that he is sad that she is coming. He is probably thinking that she will take all of the attention away and we wont have time for him. And no matter how many times I reiterate and tell him “we love him and we will love him always. We will always have time for him. When his sister arrives – we will play with him and still go to the park and still love him whole bunches.” Then he is fine for a while and this pattern starts all over again. I feel like I am doing all I can to let him know that we love him and will always love him and be there for him. But he still seems to be struggling with the thought of having a little sister joining us.

If anyone has any suggestions please let me know…….


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