Jazzlyn’s Room

Well…its official. I finally finished the baby’s room. It took me a lot of weekends and nap times to complete it but its finally done. I decided to start my little girl off with some pinks and purples. I didn’t want a boring room but I also didn’t want to overwhelm her senses with too much color.

When it came to décor…my true dilemma was what theme to choose. I was trying to decide between ballerina or Minnie Mouse. Then I thought what would last longer?? OR what if she doesn’t like dance??

So instead of ballerina…I went with Minnie Mouse. It’s a baby theme and to my advantage….its found everywhere. The next problem I ran into was…which Minnie Mouse do I want. Vintage Minnie, Sitting Pretty Minnie, Bow Tie Minnie….the list goes on. Who knew there would be so many styles of Minnie?!?!

Well I didn’t necessarily choose one type of Minnie…instead I decided to limit it to no vintage Minnie.  I had nothing against the vintage Minnie. It was cute. But I am not really a vintage type of girl and the vintage Minnie was always either black and white or black, white and red. I also know that studies show that red, black and white are a good mix of colors for babies. Its good for their senses or something like that. Its supposed to make them smarter. I figure…..I will just go with the pink and purple (that I like) and educate her more so she will still be smart. And if she ends up a tom boy and doesn’t like pink or purple…then we can change it. OR if she later decides that she wants to be a dancer…then we will change it.

Anyways…here are the photos of her finished room…hope you like them…..jazzlyn room


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