All Alone…..

What do I do when the hubby and the boy are out of town…..well….I drown out my loneliness with get-togethers, shopping, cleaning and chocolate.

I started off my day by dropping off my hubby and my baby boy at the airport. I watched them walk through the sliding glass doors, my son walking so proudly next to his daddy. This was a boys trip and they just looked so cute walking with eachother. In that moment I was a proud momma and wife. Then it all went down hill from there.

I got in the car and started to drive away…as tears fell down my face. Reality set in. I was going to be alone for a few days. I don’t know what I am going to do without my boys. They are my life! As more tears fall down my face. I take a breath. Calm myself down. I give myself a little pep-talk.

“You can do it! Its only a couple of days! Just keep yourself busy. Clean the house. Do what you can…”

And it worked. I calmed down. And I drove myself to my friends bridal shower. I get to the bridal shower and it was great. I got to interact with other women. Have some great conversations. Then it was time to go home and the sadness hit me again. I realized that I was going home to an empty house. So what do I do to make myself feel better….yep that’s right….shopping!

I cant spend too much but I like to walk around the store looking at things….sort of like window shopping but IN the store. (this is a bad habit I got from my mother!) So a couple hours later I finally head home.  I get there and I am greeted by a house full of dogs (since I am dog sitting for the week). I feel a little bit better. “It not so bad.” I tell myself as I pase back and forth trying to find something to do. Ok…I will just take a break and lay on the couch and watch TV. Take up a little bit of time by vegging out in front of the TV. It worked…it worked!!

But then…..time passes and Im feeling lonely again. So what do I do…..break down and eat chocolate!!! I make some brownies (that are delishhhh if I may say so itself).photo(4)

I talked to my hubby a couple of times on the phone. My baby boy was out with his grandpa at the store….so I haven’t gotten to talk to him yet. But I am waiting patiently. And then a couple of minutes ago my hubby sends me this awesome photo…..with the caption:

“Look daddy….Im like mommy!!”dawon almost 3

Man I love this boy! He is the cutest thing I have ever seen. I love him more than words can ever express. I miss him!!!

2 ½ more days……I can do this!  At least I have work on Monday and Tuesday to keep my brain focused on something other than missing my 2 favorite boys….


2 comments on “All Alone…..

  1. Your mom needs to show you other things than shopping. I still like to do that. I’ll be there soon and you’ll be crazy with all the people there, I love you lots and lots and lots.

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