Baby Shower

Baby Shower friendsBaby Showers can be boring. Showers are usually just a bunch of girls sitting around, talking baby talk, and playing a few games and then its over.

Well I just had mine a couple of weeks ago and I have to say it was a blast. A couple good friends of mine threw me the baby shower and it ended up being more than I expected. There was good food, it was co-ed (with kids allowed) and the games…..oh the games!!! Funniest thing I have ever seen.

There were games for all and a game specifically for the guys. One of the games was a basic and fun baby shower game. Everyone has to draw a baby on a plate (on their head) with no looking. Some babies came out looking like cats and some came out looking like sperm. I think there was even one baby that had a “third leg” (wink wink)….nice going Matt. But the best part of that game was that all of the kids came over and got to choose the best drawing. The kids felt like they belonged to the party. It was a nice way to make them involved.

Then there was the diaper game. Everyone got to look at poop in a diaper and try to guess what kind of melted candy was in the diaper. The funny part of that game was people were willing to smell it and taste it. Not so bad when you know that its candy. But when you look at some of the people and they have a diaper inches from their face and when they pull it away you see a big brown puddle of mush in the middle of it. It was a disturbing yet funny sight.

baby shower gamesThen it was the guy game. I personally have never seen this game before…but I have to say I will sign people up for this game any time. This was the funniest thing that I have ever seen. I tried to get good video but I was laughing so hard that I started crying and then when I viewed the video…it was of their feet and me laughing in the background. It was hilarious.  The guys had to blow up a balloon and put it under their shirt….then they had to dance the balloon out. Seeing them try to dance the balloons out had to be the funniest thing ever!! They were all pumping and grinding the air…shaking their whole bodies with a big belly. Best game ever!!!!

And of course the beer drinking contest was won by my hubby. No surprise there. This game was to see who can drink the beer the fastest out of a bottle. You would think that a bottle with a small nipple would deter him…but NOOOOOOO. While everyone was busy biting their nipples trying to make the hole bigger my hubby had already sucked it dry. NO MORE BEER LEFT. His bottle was empty and everyone else had a full bottle. I would say my hubby is a boozer but he’s not (at least not anymore…haha). He has only had a drink a hand full of times while I have been pregnant. (He was refraining from drinking so I wouldn’t feel so bad watching him drink and wishing I had my glass of wine) I think this time….he was just missing the fact that he could drink with friends. I know he misses that. Hell…I miss that.

And I the best part was when everyone left….the wonderful women that threw us the baby shower stuck around and hung out with us the rest of the night. We sat around drinking (me with juice and them with wine) and laughing and talking. And in between all of that talking, the kids made me a hand-print shirt. I put on a white shirt and they all came up and put a hand print on my tummy. It was a great way to end the night. I was able to hang out with good friends all day and we got to celebrate my little girl at the same time. It was a great day. It was a great shower. And I have to say it was probably the most fun that I have had since I have been pregnant.

Baby Shower shirtThank you to all my friends and family that came and thank you Caroline and Gloria for throwing me a great party.


One comment on “Baby Shower

  1. Your very welcome April:). We had a blast also. I loved the pregnant dad’s as we’ll. That one always puts everyone in the belly laughs. Can’t wait to see Jazzlyn!

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