6th Sense

sixth-sense2I think my son has a 6th sense. He just seems to know things. They could be coincidence or it could be a 6th sense. And no I am not talking about dead people. I am just saying that he knows things. Its not totally surprising that he would have that gift since it runs in my hubby’s side of the family. My hubby has even had visions himself. And before anyone asks…no its not a scary thing and no I don’t think he needs therapy. Sometimes it’s a little surprising and sometimes it’s a little creepy…but for the most part its intriguing.

So far…it has only happened a couple of times but my hubby and I are trying to pay attention to when it happens and how big the “sense” is.

A few times he has told us when its about to rain. And usually when he says it…the hubby and I look outside and see that it is sunny outside. And then we look at each other and one of us will say “I doubt that baby….this is Arizona and it doesn’t rain too much here.” Then low and behold…my little man was right….it would rain.

And at first I thought it was only weather related and then he surprised us the other day and had a vision of my accident. My hubby went to go pick him up from school on the day I was in my accident. I was still in the hospital so I couldn’t go. He brought him out of class and they got to the car (and mind you he didn’t say anything about the accident yet)…then my son looked at my hubby and said:

“Mommy not here. Mommy cant come. Her tummy hurts. She boom. Lady hurt mom. I kick her. I hit lady. She hurt my mommy.”

Then when he brought him to the hospital he came in and told me the same thing. Crazy!

Now I am excited to see what else he knows……..


2 comments on “6th Sense

  1. I have experienced that too. Bupa had visions since he was young. He knew when he was going to die, how and who would be with him. He knew the room, the time, everything. It’s cool to experience. My first vision was in7th grade. I think Connie has had them, too. Keith has them. They used to scare Gooch when I could tell her who said what, what the responce was and who was there. I always that it was cool. Encourage this exceptional use of his brain and you’ll learn to encourage it’s presence. Yea for us….we have another incredible child.

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