Are the next couple months going to be torture for me? Its looking like the answer will be yes. I am hoping it wont. I am hoping this will only go on for another couple of weeks. (fingers crossed)

sayingI went to my OB and she says…”everything is fine! You are 1 cm dilated and your cervix is thinning. Im not too worried about that because I always expect women that already have a child to have a cervix to thin and dilate early. It’s the cervix remembering what its supposed to do. But there is nothing to worry about. You don’t need bed rest. Just take it easy for a few days. BUT if you do have 5 contractions in an hour then go to the hospital again.”

Also at my appt….we did the fetal fibronecin test. This is a test to see if any fetal cells are in your vajajay. And if the test is positive then you have to go to the hospital to get injections of corticosteroids to help the babies lungs develop faster because you will be going into labor soon. And soon meaning days to a week. And Thank God….my test was negative!!!!! This was a nice backup to what the OB was saying (about not worrying).

Its been 5 days since the accident and I thought every thing was good to go. I was taking it a little at a time. Slowly getting to light house work. “Attempting” to walk through a store. But…..I swear that every little thing is a trigger for a contraction…so I am SUPER limited on what I can do.

Here is my list of limits so far:

  • I think my tummy has PTSD. Being in a car (or maybe it’s the seat belt) causes a contraction
  • Walking for too long (and by long I mean 15 minutes) causes a contraction
  • Laying on my back causes a contraction
  • Sitting too far forward causes a contraction
  • Sitting back with pressure on my back causes a contraction
  • Shower water boing too hot causes a contraction
  • Being out side for too long (because its hot here in AZ during the summer) causes a contraction
  • Holding my pee causes a contraction
  • Lifting my son causes a contraction
  • Laying on my side for too long causes pain (because my ligaments and hips are spreading)…..and that is nothing that a woman ever wants to here – “your hips are spreading” – BOOOOOOOOO

So far…my contractions are every hour. It is totally weird how my body knows that one hour has passed too. I will have one at say 6:32pm and then again at 7:32pm and so on. Weird! But if I do anything on my list above the contractions happen sooner.

For instance…if I try to grocery shop I will end up having a contractions every 20 minutes. Which is 3 times an hour. Too close to 5. So I am the 30-something year old pregnant girl being pushed around the grocery store in a wheelchair (or I use the electric one)…because I don’t want to push my limits. I pretty much have to limit myself to bed rest (even though its not “technically” bed rest). So far this sucks.

I am hoping this is short term and things will go back to normal but we will see…….


One comment on “Contractions….

  1. Tell her to wait for me. She sounds like she has a lot of me in her. Poor you….2 of us. Waa waa. I love you…just call and I’m driving there. No lying I’ll know and still come.

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