My Accident

Well this has been a rough couple of days. Im just glad the scary is over. Its amazing to me how one little incident can cause a domino effect of both big and small incidences.

I was on my way to my dentist appointment yesterday when a truck crossed in front of me causing me to get in an accident. I T-Boned the truck.   It wasn’t my fault but that doesn’t makes this any less scary for me. It all happened so fast that I am not even sure if I can explain how it happened.

car2I was getting into the turning lane and coming to a stop when all of a sudden a truck was in front of me. The crazy part for me was in this split second that it happened I could see inside of her car like it was a picture. Her head swung to the side as she was looking at me with a scared look on her face. Her toddler was standing next to her with big eyes staring at me as she started to cry. It was scarry.

In my head all I could think was….ok did I do anything wrong. The thoughts in my head were like a check list….

  • seat belt (check)
  • blinker (check)
  • going the speed limit (check)
  • coming to a stop for my red light (check)
  • no air bag went off (thank God I was slowing down and didn’t need it)
  • are all of my body parts in place and ok (check)
  • OMG that little girl was standing – she could have flown out of the car
  • Is everyone in her car ok (looks like it) – OH SHIT – she also had an infant!!! – Thank God the infant was in a car seat!!!

Then the shakes came. My hands were shaking…I had so much adrenaline going that I didn’t foresee what was to come.  I asked if they were all ok….she said yes. The little girl kept saying, “Im sorry mama. Was this my fault??” The mom said no and kept apologizing to me. She said she was sorry and what a terrible birthday this was and she just wanted to do something fun for her daughter. (Im not sure what on that corner was “fun” for her daughter. There was Asian food and Starbucks…but back to the story.) And of course….the tears didn’t come until I heard my hubby voice. He called and asked if I was ok…and that was all it took. The waterworks were flowing! Finally I put on my big girl panties…and sucked it up so I could talk to the cops.

On a side note: A witness called the cops for us as we pulled over and were getting out our info. As the cops arrived…the witness was nice enough to walk over to Starbucks and get us all some water. (thank you nice witness lady)

So…the cops arrive and asked if I needed an ambulance or fire truck. I thought I was ok because all I had was the shakes and nothing on me hurt. So I said no.  We sat there for a couple of hours while we all gave statements. Everyone was finally given the approval to leave the scene. And as we are driving…I called my doc office to ask what they wanted me to do – go to their office or the hospital. I left a message with their triage nurse to call me back. Finally when she called me 30 min later…..I informed her that had 3 braxton hicks in 2 hours (more than my usual)…so she said I should go to the hospital to be sure. We finally get to the hospital and they tell us that it will be a 4 hour process. They need to watch the baby to make sure nothing happened to her.

I have to say…THANK GOD we went to the hospital. 3 hours into our 4 hour stay I started having contractions. And they weren’t Braxton’s. They were real contractions and they were 5 minutes apart. Talk about being scared! I am only 30 weeks along! I am so not ready to have this baby! My baby is soooo not ready!!! So panic sets in and I start crying. They come in and give me a shot of medicine that feels like adrenaline. I seriously felt like I drank 30 cups of coffee. My face turned beet red. My throat started itching. Oh crap…I think I am having an allergic reaction to the shot…so I ask the nurse. She tells me to stick out my tongue…so I do. Then she says “nope. Not swollen. I think your fine.” Of course…I think she is crazy because it sure feels like an allergy to me….but then again the contractions are going away….so F’ it. I will deal with the itchy throat….just save my baby!!

Then 4 hours in…Im still having contractions and 2 shots of meds in my system and they decide to keep me over night to monitor me and the baby. I have to admit….sleeping with monitors on you…only allowed to lay on your side….and sleeping in this uncomfortable bed is not the way I wanted to start my Labor Day weekend.

But I also have to admit…I can end this with some good news. It is now 1pm the next day…..the doc says that they will put the monitors back on for about an hour and if all is well….I GET TO GO HOME!!!! Yay!!!

Im thinking that things will be ok. Since 730am I have only had a total of 4 contractions and 2 of those were small. Much better than last night!!! So I have my fingers crossed that I will get some good news and I will go home at 3pm.


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