10 Weeks To Go

I feel like there is so little time. I have about 10 1/2 weeks to go and I am a few steps closer to being done with everything.

27 weeks27 Week Ultrasound and Doc Appt: we had our ultrasound and all is well. She is growing the way she should be. Actually she is measuring about a week ahead. I am 28 weeks and she (and I) are measuring at 29 weeks. The radiologist didn’t mention my cyst in the last ultrasound so my doctor is unsure if the cyst is still there and they forgot to mention it OR if it went away on its own. We wont really know until the next ultrasound. Everything looked normal during my last doc appointment. My doc says that everything is going as planned. The only weird complaint that I had this time was the tingling and numb feeling in my feet and hands. She said its not sciatica, since the tingling and numbness only effects the feet and hands. She said it is probably from the swelling compressing a nerve. We will know if its something bigger than that after the pregnancy is over…if it keeps happening. Other than that all is well.

Minnie Mouse 2Nursery: I have finally decided on a nursery décor. I am going to go with different shades of pink and lavender….and Minnie Mouse. I will post pictures when I complete it. Or while Im in the process….it depends on how it all goes. I cant even start yet because my hubby still has to move the furniture out of the room. I ask him over and over but apparently the “baby bug” hasn’t bit him yet. And according to him it will never bite. He’s not one for decorating or having thoughts about the paint color. He just wants the little girl to be here so he can hold her…he doesn’t care what her room looks like. SO I just have to wait patiently for him to get off his butt and move my furniture. Maybe if I nag him enough it will eventually happen.

Target-logoI’m Registered: Well after unpacking all of the old baby stuff from the 1st round….I was able to see what we still needed. Then it came down to….where to register. Babies R Us and Bye Bye Baby are pretty much the same price. And for majority of the things we need….they were almost double the cost of Target and Wal-Mart. Target and Wal-Mart are basically the same price. Target is about $1 more on things but they also offer things that Wal-Mart doesn’t. So…needless to say…I went with Target. I waited for Friday (my day off) and Little D was at school and Hubby was at work and I went to Target and got it done! Yay….I’m registered!!!

My Due Date: Because we are doing a C-section….we don’t really have a date yet. My actual due date is November 7th. They say I have to do the C-Sec in my 39th week. So the dates I get to choose from are Oct 30 – Nov 6. We are aiming for Nov 1 BUT it will all depend on what is available. I am waiting on them to call me with the hospital schedule so I can actually pick my day. I will keep you updated on what date we finally get. Unless of course she chooses to come earlier.

Preparing to Bring Her Home: My hubby is not taking any time off this time so he wont be any help to me. So I asked my mom. As of right now…she says she is going to come out and help me for a while when the baby gets here. She will be mainly helping with Little D…. drop off/pick up from school, bathing, entertaining…then cooking and basic cleaning, and then helping me with the baby when I am in pain or passed out from the meds. The only issue I have with this plan is that my mom has not had the best of luck when it comes to “planned” trips out here. Everytime she plans to be here something happens that stops it. For instance….she is currently recovering from foot surgery because she dropped a bench on her own foot. Enough said! Her doc says that she will be ready to come out here by the time I need her but even with that reassurance…I still send little prayers up that she wont hurt herself before its time for her to come out here. Which reminds me…its time for another one… (silent prayer: please please please Lord,  don’t let my mom hurt herself before she has to come out here. Don’t give her any reason to cancel on me. I really don’t want a stranger helping me out with all of this. Don’t get me wrong. I will if I have to ….but I ask PLEASE don’t make me! Amen)

I feel like I have finally gotten some stuff don’t but no where near what I need to get done. Since I work during the week, the only time I have to do anything is the weekends. And I know that I am not going to want to do anything the last couple weeks….so I am cutting my time down to 8 weekends to get everything done.

So much to do…so little time!


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