Parts of Pregnancy that are Embarrassing, Unattractive, Unflattering and Just Plain Wrong

The funny thing is…when you get pregnant all of the books tell you what a beautiful experience it is. And for the most part they are right. BUT what they don’t tell you are the unflattering things that happen to you while you are pregnant. And its not that they don’t want to tell you…but they would rather you focus on the positives of being pregnant. They don’t want to scare away women from having babies.

And I am sorry to be the one to break the news to some of you….but there are quite a few embarrassing, unattractive and unflattering things that happen to you when you are pregnant.  A lot of the things that I am going to list here I found on websites ( and Baby and also from questions asked on talk pregnancy websites. Majority of these things were not listed in the books I read. And despite all of these things….you still glow…you still enjoy the little bundle of joy that greets you in 9-10 months…and you still enjoy being pregnant. So dont let this list sway you from having babies….this is for informational purposes only.

Also….I feel the need to let you all know that these things do not happen to all pregnant women ….some women have all of these issues……some women only have 1 or 2 issues…and some women have half the issues. I also feel the need to let you all know (before you wonder) ….they did not “all” happen to me.

This list may be long….but it is not all inclusive…these are things that have happened to me, to people I know and things I have looked up and found:

General Stuff

  • Nausea and vomiting – some get nausea and no vomiting, some get neither and some get both. For majority of women this happens in the 1st trimester and goes away. For some it happens in the 1st trimester – goes away for the 2nd trimester – and comes back again on the 3rd trimester. And some don’t get sick at all.
  • Burping –in the 21st century burping isn’t as taboo as it used to be back in the days. But when your pregnant (like the farts….) its comes out at inappropriate times. You could be talking with someone or in a work meeting….and BBUUUURRRRPPPP!!!!! Nice!!
  • Low Sex Drive or Increased Sex Drive – it could go either way. It could also depends on your other symptoms. If you have nausea and vomiting…you don’t really want to think about having sex. But just like the nausea and vomiting….this too can fluctuate. You can be horney the 2nd trimester and not want to be touched the 3rd trimester. And so on….
  • Exhaustion – this may not be a bad thing for all people but I certainly does get in the way. It interferes with work…with sex…with life.
  • Mood Swings – BEWARE this effects not only you but everyone around you. haha You can be happy one second and yelling at someone the next. Then a commercial comes on and makes you cry. Its a little overwhelming to have all of these emotions at the same time (especially for your partner or kids) but just know that it doesnt happen all the time. For some women they are happy and glowing the whole time. And for some the mood swings are severe. If they are severe – see your doctor. This could lead to postpartum depression. And for some women it fluctuates. Just be aware that it happens and pay attention to the extent of it. Talk with your doctor if you even have concerns about it.
  • Vivid Dreams – your dreams are so vivid they seem real.
  • Sex Dreams – for some reason the amount of sex dreams you have are increased. And I hate to break this too you…but they are not always dreams you want to have. They could be about people you really DON’T want to see naked…they could be about an ex…they could be about you having sex…they could be about you watching someone have sex….or they could be about sexual environments, etc. But…your hormones are increased and whether you want to actually have sex or not…it doesn’t matter…your subconscious does.


  • Stretch Marks – it does not happen to all women but it does happen to most. Also…the creams they have out on the market for stretch marks DO NOT prevent stretch marks. They do help with the itching. The itching comes from your skin stretching. When your skins gets too big or it goes small to big or big to small…it leaves a mark…and the stretching of the skin makes it itch. And because of the itching…you scratch helping the stretch mark to come. Avoid scratching! Use lotions and oils to help with the itching! And massage your skin to help with the elasticity.
  • Varicose Veins – this happens because your body is carrying too much weight. Also…just like the stretch marks and the nausea/vomiting….this does not happen to all women.
  • Belly Button – when your belly stretches as far as it can go (usually toward the end of the pregnancy) your belly button will pop out like a turkey thermometer. They used to say this is what will tell you that you are ready to pop….but the belly button could pop out sooner for some women. Also….when you are wearing a shirt….it looks like you have a weird lump coming out of your belly. A third nipple…on a REALLY BIG BOOB that hangs REALLY LOW….haha.
  • Acne – not only on your face but on your body. Your body turns into a teenager and you break out everywhere. Its because of the extra hormones. Nothing you can do…just be patient and it will go away. Again…like the other things listed above…this does not happen to all women.

Vajajay & Booty

  • Peeing on Yourself – this can happen anytime throughout the pregnancy. It usually happens when your uterus gets bigger and doesn’t leave much space for your bladder. But then it also happens when your baby either punches or kicks your bladder…and POOF…you have to pee!!!
  • Too Much Liquid (discharge) Coming from your Vajajay – your vajajay is lubing up and preparing to push a baby through it…therefore, it needs to be nice and slippery to accommodate. Wear a pantyliner…..they not only help for this but also for the few times you pee on yourself.
  • Vajajay Smell – because of the increase in lube coming from your vajajay…there will also be a change in smell. One doctor said that you are probably the only one that can smell it because you have a heightened sense of smell. But on a side note…..the smell should not be foul or fishy….that is an infection….the smell I am referring to should just be slightly different than you are used to.
  • Sex Smell – the smell in your vajajay could also change when you have sex (without a condom). The mixture of your man’s semen and the extra lube in your vajajay can cause an “I just had sex smell”…even if you had it a few days prior. Im not sure if others can smell this or just you. All I can tell you…is that I have smelt that smell on other women who were not pregnant…so I am assuming that just because you are pregnant….the smell will not be hidden from others.
  • Increased Risk of Vag Infections and Bladder Infections – a lot of pregnant women get UTI’s (urinary tract infections) and A LOT of pregnant women get vajajay infections. Again…we get to blame the increase in lube down there.
  • Change of Shape and color of your vajajy – just like your nipples…your vajajay gets bigger (looks swollen) and its darker. Don’t ask me why the pigment of your skin changes but it gets bigger because its preparing to push a baby through it. Also…on a side note….that swollen look sticks around for a long time after you have the baby. And that’s because it actually DID push a baby through it.
  • Gas – all women fart! It’s a fact! (I just had to put that out there) But when you are pregnant….its a whole other world. Your bowels are all pushed up under your lungs. There is no room for the air to work its way down the normal way… its rushed through the system causing farts at inappropriate times. At least that is my interpretation…haha.
  • Constipation – this happens to most pregnant women. It happens because your baby is taking all of the nutrients out of the food you eat and all your left with is the stuff that is hard to pass. But if you eat healthy, nutritious meals and snacks…you should be fine. It will only happen once in a while. There are also some over the counter stuff that you can take to help with that.
  • Hemorrhoids – I would like to say that its only caused by the constipation…but its not. Its also caused by all the weight you are carrying. The weight puts pressure on the veins in your butt causing the hemorrhoid.


  • Bigger, Darker, Itchy Nipples –your nipples are growing and getting bigger. They are getting prepared to be sucked on to feed your baby. Im not sure why the pigment changes and they get darker….but they do.
  • Leaking Milk from your Boobs – whether you want to breastfeed or not and whether you are ready for it (bra pads) or not….the milk will come. It could be while you are having sex, at a work meeting, hearing a baby cry, when you get emotional, etc.  Just be prepared. You may squirt someone in the eye or wet your shirt like you spilled a drink down it.


  • Water Breaking in Public – in most cases this is not embarrassing because this is the natural process of pregnancy. Your body is telling you that its ready to have that baby! BUT for me I think it would be a little embarrassing if it were in public. Depending on where you are….it just looks like you peed your pants!
  • Pooping During Birth – everything I read and heard was – “Don’t worry. It happens to all women that have a vaginal birth. The nurse usually covers it up and you will never know. They are very discrete.”

2 comments on “Parts of Pregnancy that are Embarrassing, Unattractive, Unflattering and Just Plain Wrong

  1. Been there and done some of that…one foot in front of the other..we all survive it…some better than others:o)

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